St Therese’s RC Primary Neath Port Talbot visits the Peace Mala Centre

On Friday 3rd May 2019 three pupils from our school visited the Peace Mala Headquarters in Morriston, Swansea.

We arrived bright and early and knocked the door excitedly. Pam Evans greeted us with a very warm welcome and showed us the shrine to Ganesh which is in the entrance. Ganesh belongs to the Hindu faith and is the protector of children and education.  He also removes all obstacles.

Ganesh shrine at Peace Mala HQ

Pam explained to us that Hinduism is a religion which believes in one single God. They call this Brahman which is a Sanskrit word that refers to a power found throughout the universe. This power upholds and supports everything that exists.   Because Brahman is impossible to describe, Hindu artists have made over 33 million interpretations of this one God.   These interpretations are called deities.   Ganesh is one of them.

We went into the office and we saw lots of books, paintings, objects and tapestries. There was a painting of what Jesus may have looked like which was Middle Eastern and it was amazing.

My favourite part was the beautiful peace garden. It had many flowers, trees and shrubs. Pam showed us the various areas of the garden including the shrine to Our Lady and St Francis. She also explained the fire pit ritual and we even got to say a prayer and put a ribbon on the Peace tree.

Pam taught us that everyone is equal and that all religions are connected and that there is possibly just one Almighty- God who controls everything.

Thank you Pam, and your team, for an amazing experience.

We have seen and learnt so much from you 🙂

St Therese’s RC Primary school, Peace Council


Under the prayer tree in the peace garden at Peace Mala HQ


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  1. It was a delight to have you with us!

    Really looking forward to attending your Bronze Accreditation Award for Peace Mala on July 9th! Many congratulations on all your excellent Peace Mala work. We are so very proud of you.

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