Bronze Award Celebration Assembly

The boys and girls at Terrace Road Primary celebrated last Tuesday their achievement of successfully been given the Bronze Award. We had a celebration assembly where many special guests were in attendance and congratulated all the pupils for their dedication. The children were very grateful and excited to welcome the Lord Mayor Peter Black, Director of Education of Swansea, Nick Williams, the High Sheriff of West Glamorgan, Sally Goldstone and of course Pam!

The Peace Pals shared in the assembly what Peace Mala meant to them and how it has impacted us as a school. Here are a few examples,

  • Peace Mala means bringing peace to everybody, even children, by teaching us different religions and bringing everybody together. This has benefited us as a school as we have been educated of different religions and cultures and are now closer than ever before.
  • Peace Mala to me means happiness. Where we look after each other and take care of those in need. We want to better ourselves and this is the way to do it.
  • Peace Mala means we get to learn the Peace Mala anthem which teaches us to be peaceful towards others regardless of beliefs and cultures. It has benefited us as a school because we have learned about other religions and not just our own allowing us to view other peoples opinions and it has helped bring us closer to the wider world.
  • Peace Mala to me means helping others in need, especially the poor. We have helped raise money for the homeless and collected food, clothes and shampoos. It has benefited us as we help each other when we are in need for example when we are in  need of a friend!

We had lots of fun remembering everything we had done over the year and now are very excited to work towards Silver!

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