St Agnes’CE Manchester Celebrate World Peace Day 2019

World Peace Day — officially The International Day of Peace — is observed annually on September 21st. It is dedicated to world peace, specifically to strengthening the ideals of peace, both within and among all nations and peoples. Hopefully, it is an occasion for a temporary ceasefire in combat zones for humanitarian aid access.  As this was on a Saturday this year, St Agnes’ planned our World Peace Day on Friday 20th September, to ensure that this was celebrated at school and the children understood the importance of World Peace as a part of our Peace Mala work.


It has been four months since we received our Bronze Accreditation Award from Pam Evans in May! What a wonderful day it was, still fresh in our memories as we began to organise our World Peace Celebrations. At our event, we were very lucky to have Andy Burnham join us at school and help us promote the importance of acceptance on World Peace Day on Friday. Andy is a British politician and the Mayor of Greater Manchester, in office since May 2017. Andy Burnham had heard all about our work as a Peace Mala School and was keen to visit our school and meet up with the children. We were extremely excited when he arrived at our school and could not wait to share all of our achievements.

                                                                             Whole School Assembly for World Peace 2019

Sharing our Peace Mala Promise and message of each bead. The children then performed ‘One Light’ our Peace Mala anthem.

Next a balloon was released for each of the faiths to ensure our Peace Mala message and hope for global peace was spread further than Manchester.

Andy thanked all of the children for all of their Peace Mala work and said that we were leading the way for other schools. A shining example of what it means to be a peaceful school. He said our message could change the world for future generations!

Finally, we thanked Andy for his support and presented him with his own Peace Mala Bracelet!

Another wonderful event at St Agnes’, as we continue to promote our Peace Mala message and share our hope for global peace for all!












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