Peace Mala International Inter-Faith Liturgy for World Peace

Llandaff Cathedral Wales UK – Thursday 20th July 2017 – Uniting All Faiths and Communities in Peace
Peace Mala Dove of Peace by Hafod Primary
School Swansea Wales UK

The idea for the above event came to me after the Paris terrorist attacks on Friday 13th November 2015.

At the time we were all saddened and deeply shocked by news of the near simultaneous terrorist attacks in Paris.  The targets included bars, restaurants, a concert and a high profile football match. Around 129 people were killed and hundreds more were seriously injured. Mr Hollande, president of France at the time, declared three days of national mourning. It was the worst atrocity in Europe since the 2004 Madrid bombings.  Paris went into deep mourning and so did the sane world

I reflected back and remembered that Peace Mala grew out of the dark aftermath of 9/11.  I felt that we had entered another dark period in world history.  Migrants were leaving Syria in their thousands amid much confusion, fear and suffering.  It was sadly apparent that Islamaphobia, religious intolerance and racist bullying was still with us. Misunderstandings within many communities across the world persisted.

In an instant I felt urged to bring the Peace Mala community together and to do something spiritually powerful and beautiful.  Llandaff Cathedral immediately sprang to mind. I felt it was also high time to put the spotlight on the wonderful work being achieved by the children and young people in our Peace Mala schools.   Our purpose would be to send out a powerful message of love, friendship and peace to all people in our world.

Film of highlights of the event


By choosing Llandaff Cathedral, I knew that we would be meeting in one of the oldest Christian sites in Britain – a spiritual portal of great power.  Up until Medieval times, pilgrims had travelled to Llandaff to visit the tomb of the Celtic Saint, Teilo who is still buried there.

Llandaff also happens to be a city within the city of Cardiff, the capital of Wales, and as Peace Mala is a Welsh initiative, it was clear to me that this was the place where this gathering should happen. My idea was to welcome representatives of the 14 religions of the Peace Mala, and more, into the cathedral space along with pupils from our UK accredited schools. I would invite them to meet and join in a liturgy for world peace. I had every faith that by doing so we’d be working with powerful energies that would bring healing to our troubled world.   I knew that we would all be empowered and that the healing would reach out far beyond the stone walls of the cathedral, bringing with it a vision of hope and confidence for the future.

I discussed my idea with Venerable Robert Williams the then Archdeacon of Gower for the Anglican Church in Wales. He agreed that Llandaff would be the perfect setting. My job was now to encourage the Dean to agree with my idea and to allow this to happen.  After months of e-mails asking for detailed information, the Dean agreed and offered four possible dates in the month of July 2017. I immediately phoned the cathedral secretary to make sure that this was indeed happening. Invitations and plans would need to be put in place immediately.

Many discussions with Jonathan Hoad, Head Verger of the cathedral, followed until an agreement was reached on what the liturgy would include. I had already decided on using the exquisitely beautiful music of international Welsh composer Karl Jenkins, a Gower man and therefore close to my heart. As the event would take place in a Christian setting, I was sensitive to the energies. For the opening procession of the faiths I chose Karl’s ‘Benedictus’ from ‘The Armed Man: A Mass for Peace. This amazing work was commissioned by the Royal Armouries in commemoration of the millennium. They requested a Christian musical with a liturgical form that would look back in reflection on the most war-torn and destructive century in human history, and to look ahead with hope and commitment to a new and more peaceful millennium.

Karl produced a work of tremendous power and beauty which has been performed well over 1000 times in at least 20 different countries, including a commemorative performance in New York on the 10th anniversary on 9/11. The ‘Benedictus’ is, in my opinion, the most profoundly moving movement in the whole piece.

The liturgy at Llandaff would also include the lighting of large rainbow candles representing the fourteen faiths on the Peace Mala bracelet, as well as the large central white candle representing our world and all who live on it. These candles were first lit during the launch of Peace Mala in November 2002 at the UNA Wales Temple of Peace Cardiff with Dr Rowan Williams, then Archbishop of Wales and soon to become Archbishop of Canterbury. He was joined by representatives of the fourteen faiths and many others from the world of academia. The candles had been lit on a further six occasions – four times for the Peace Mala International Awards for Youth, and once more for the Peace Mala Festival of Interfaith and Culture at Gorton Monastery in Manchester. To light them again at Llandaff would be the seventh time – a magical and potent number. The music to accompany this powerful moment would be ‘Healing Light: A Celtic Prayer’ from Karl Jenkins ‘The Peacemakers’, a beautiful adaptation of an anonymous Celtic prayer invoking peace.

Karl produced the Peacemakers in 2011 and dedicated it to the memory of all those who had lost their lives during armed conflict; in particular innocent victims. He commented that when he composed The Armed Man it was with the hope of looking forward to a century of peace but that sadly nothing much had changed.

Music was to be a very important part of our liturgy, so I contacted my dear friend Lee Michael Walton, a professional musician originally from Ystalyfera near Swansea now based in London. I explained that around 200 children would be attending and taking part in the liturgy. Did he think he could compose a Peace Mala Anthem for choir? Without any hesitation, Lee said yes. It took him a few months to complete. Lee explained that it was an unusual experience for him as on this occasion the lyrics came first and the music second, often at the most unexpected moments. The final work was ‘One Light’.

Hafod Primary School in Swansea came forward and suggested that pupil Lola Jenkins could sing the lead vocals. Music teacher Darren Stephens agreed to accompany Lee’s playing of the cathedral Steinway on saxophone. Catwg Primary school in Neath Port Talbot said their pupils could sign the lyrics whilst it was being sung. The music and lyrics would be sent to all schools attending for them to learn and practice.

Sound healers Faith Challinor Wheatley and Ayanna Bright Eagle Florian agreed to play ambient music with Tibetan singing bowls, native flutes and other instruments as guests arrived in the cathedral. Father Tim Ardouin said he could join them with didgeridoo and high and low tin whistles. The music for our event was coming together beautifully.

The response from our schools was overwhelming. Pupils and teachers from our Welsh Peace Mala Accredited schools, as well as a good number of accredited schools from Greater Manchester and our first accredited Yorkshire school, Worth Valley Primary from near Bradford expressed a desire to take part.  The Yorkshire school would have to travel the day before and stay overnight in Cardiff. Our Manchester schools would have to leave very early in the morning and endure a long journey back home.

Plans were now afoot for three of our schools to deliver the Peace Mala story and messages to all present in the cathedral. This would have to be done without a rehearsal as Yorkshire, Manchester and Wales were combining forces for this. Sam Whitehouse, Peace Mala Co-ordinator at Newall Green Primary in Manchester agreed to co-ordinate and organise. This would be quite a challenge.

To my utter amazement and delight, Hafod School produced a most wonderful animation of the Peace Mala dove of peace travelling to planet earth and visiting all the main centres of worship for the fourteen faiths. This would be shown at the cathedral.

Faith representatives from all fourteen religions responded positively, including three Christian Bishops from different denominations. Many of these would be travelling great distances to arrive in Wales, including London, Manchester and Coventry. Sheikh Ahmad Dede, based in Amsterdam, sent a wonderful message of support and said that he would be there along with his Sufi Dervishes and musicians.

Other supporters from across the UK and beyond expressed a wish to attend and take part.   These included dignitaries from Cardiff, Swansea, Neath Port Talbot and Greater Manchester. The cathedral would be filled to capacity. This was turning out to be the greatest interfaith gathering for world peace that Wales had ever witnessed.

The day arrived with bright skies and all arrived safely. In the words of Pippa Bartolotti, spokesperson for the Green Party of Wales, “The liturgy was more uplifting than anyone attending could possibly have expected. In many ways I was unprepared for the effect it would have, not just on me, but on all who were gathered.

I was not alone in experiencing a sudden, tear-jerking, sense of love. For a moment we were all one, encircled by a peculiar spirituality which drew us all closer. A feeling which lingers still and that is the real point.

The Peace Mala Interfaith Community brought more than the earthly representatives of all the major religions, from Buddhist to Jewish, Zoroastrian to Earth; it told of suffering, and pain, but above all it brought hope and the reinvigoration of a subtle wisdom rising from ancient spiritual practices buried under a broken world of empty celebrity, fast-food farming and rampant consumerism.”

Father Tim Ardouin, Interfaith Officer for the Church in Wales Diocese of Swansea and Brecon commented, “That was a wonderful gathering and the sight of the whirling dervish under the outstretched arms of Epstein’s giant Christ figure, with the bishops seated close by, will live with me long. It was a great piece of work that you did here and its outcome is like light and hope, like God smiling. Deep peace of the running wave to you and to all the colourful children of the Oneness, I AM.

I give thanks that the Dean, Gerwyn Capon, had enough faith in my vision to allow it to happen. I am also grateful to Jonathon Hoad, the cathedral staff, Bishop John of Swansea and Brecon who is also Archbishop of Wales, and the Muslim communities of Cardiff and Manchester for their outstanding support.

Feedback from all who attended and took part has been overwhelming. What we achieved in Llandaff will continue to reach out into our troubled world.

Below you can view slideshows of images from the day.



Behind the Scenes


Procession of the Faiths


The Ceremony


Recessional and VIP Tea


By embracing the universal truth that all religions and spiritual paths share, we can help build bridges of peace and dissolve the boundaries that normally divide people from each other. At the same time, we can still honour and celebrate each person’s own unique ethnic, cultural and spiritual heritage.

The Peace Mala story is one of continuing growth as it reaches out to all people in our global village.

Peace Mala’s message is simple:
“Treat the next person as you wish to be treated yourself.”

Pam Evans
Founder of Peace Mala

To download a copy of the programme for the event please click here

Feedback on Peace Mala International Interfaith Liturgy for World Peace at Llandaff Cathedral – Thursday 20th July 2017

Dear Pam
That was a wonderful gathering and the sight of the whirling dervish under the outstretched arms of Epstein’s giant Christ figure, with the bishops seated close by, will live with me long.
It was a great piece of work that you did here and its outcome is like light and hope, like God smiling.
Deep peace of the running wave to you and to all the colourful children of the Oneness, I AM.
Fr. Tim Ardouin
Church in Wales, Gower
Interfaith Officer for the Diocese of Swansea and Brecon

Dear Pam
Apologies that we didn’t have too much time to talk but it was good to meet you. The event/service was, in my view, a spectacular success and I am grateful for the invitation to attend: one day I’ll share with you the details of my journey home!
During the service, I returned Peace Dove No 9 to St Agnes CE Primary School after its trip to Lahore and St Denys’ School in the Himalayan/Kashmiran foothills in Pakistan, and its less exotic journey from Kettlewell to Grassington in the Yorkshire Dales with 36 Finnish teenagers.
I shall continue to promote Peace Mala wherever my future journeys take me around our 191 CE schools in the Diocese of Manchester and beyond. My bracelet is still intact.
Canon Maurice Smith Director of Education
Diocese of Manchester

Dear Pam,
Thank you and congratulations on arranging a very special and moving International Inter-Faith Liturgy for World Peace at Llandaff Cathedral yesterday. It was a delight to see so many faith communities participating and I was particularly pleased to see so many schoolchildren present. I am impressed by their commitment and that of their teachers in having travelled so far in some cases, in order to participate.
The Peace Mala message is a strong and important one and I wish you and everyone concerned with the organisation every success in promoting friendship, peace and respect between all people.
Best Wishes,
Mrs Morfudd Meredith
HM Lord-Lieutenant of South Glamorgan

Dear Pam,
I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the service this afternoon in Llandaff and how honoured I was to represent the Lord Lieutenant at this special event.
It was a really lovely experience meeting everyone from different faiths, who have the same desire to see peace in this troubled world and I especially enjoyed seeing the children perform.
It obviously involved a lot of work by you and the other volunteers and I must congratulate you all on such a successful event.
Best wishes to you and your organisation.
Jill Johnson. RD.DL West Glamorgan

A Very Good morning Pam,
I just wanted to say a very BIG thank you for yesterday’s event, it was really fantastic and everyone there looked so relaxed and helpful, Ruth was fantastic in keep us in line. I had to leave early to drop the little girl back in school for 3 as her dad had to leave for a meeting only wish I could have stayed till the end.
It was so nice to meet you and wish I could be like you peaceful. Once again thank you and your team for the invite. I’ll always be there if you ever need me.
Peace be with you always.
Kind regards.
Surinder K Channa
Sikh Community Cardiff

Yesterday was absolutely amazing! Monumental!
Kenny Mammarella-D’Cruz
Personal Development Consultant
Skype: kenny.dcruz

Dearest Pam,
Just a quick note to say well done for today’s interfaith gathering. It was very good, WELL DONE!
Best wishes,
Rafi Abbas
Baha’i Council Wales
‘If you desire with all your heart, friendship with every race on earth, your thought, spiritual and positive, will spread; it will become the desire of others, growing stronger and stronger, until it reaches the minds of all men.’
Thought expressed by one of the Baha’i Teaching

Dear Pam,
Firstly I would like to thank you for the opportunity to attend the Peace Mala event at Llandaff Cathedral on the 20th of this month.
The organization of an event such as this was beyond the ability of most people so I complement you on achieving a most wonderful and to me a very profound day.
Everyone seemed to me did their very best. The music directed and composed by Lee Michael Walton touched the heart of everyone there. The wonderful schools of children singing and telling the Peace Mala story were exemplary. After all these young children are our future and you and the schools have given them a foundation of human values to live by and to carry into the future.
The procession of interfaith persons was magnificent and I certainly have never before experienced. The atmosphere of love and good humour penetrated the whole of the Cathedral which was full to capacity. Having worked most of my life in the ‘League of Nations’, I mean the NHS, this day brought about a deeper understanding of other faiths and how we could work together for Global Peace. This one day has shown us all what is possible and the energy and inspiration which you Pam have shown by organizing this event and to those who helped on the day is beyond measure.
I thank you again for that most wonderful experience and in such an amazing venue.
With much blessings
Dr Joan E Howel
Founder of School of Metaphysics Wales

Dearest Pam,
BE VERY PROUD of everything you achieved yesterday – you’re an absolute STAR, and what a wonderful back up TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves Miracles) too.
Love to all involved.
+44 (0) 1780 749006
Global Peace Prayer

Pam, it was inspiring and a pleasure.
So a big thanks to you too.
Lots of love and heaps of heart-felt best wishes.
Om shanti
Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (UK)
029 2034 3052

Dear Pam,
I just wanted to write and congratulate you on today’s service. It must have taken a huge amount of organising.
Well done to you and all of your team.
Kind Regards
Linda Crockett
Headteacher Rhayader Church in Wales Primary School

Pam it was truly amazing.
Excellent job and we look forward to many other Peace Mala initiatives.
Thank you for efforts and spirit in driving this most beautiful message.
God bless
Masood Yousef
(Muslim Community Swansea)

Salaam Pam
It was a great honour to attend this wonderful event for world peace.
God bless you always my dearest.
Thanks again.
Zayneb Jamil
Naqshbandia Sufi Order of Islam Manchester

Hello, Pam.
Thanks for your email and for my invitation to the Peace Mala event at Llandaff Cathedral. I must say that it is very encouraging to see excellent values being instilled in young people and to see so many faiths, including Zoroastrianism, represented in children’s work.
I wanted to say a big thank you to Leo Minty of Baguley Hall Primary School Manchester. Unfortunately, he had to leave in a hurry.
May I point out that everyone was received extremely well. I was made to feel very welcome.
On the day you were very busy. I was meant to pass on Anne Burkett’s regards to you. She is the Interfaith Minister you met near Paddington Bear’s statue in London a number of years ago.
You have mentioned a collection of photographs. How do we access these?
I hope you are able to relax after all that hard work towards an extremely well-attended and interesting event.
With lots of thanks and appreciation for the amazing work you do.
Mehru Fitter MBE Zoroastrian representative at the Peace Mala Liturgy for World Peace
On behalf of Coventry Interfaith and Zoroastrians Europe
Zoroastrian Trust Funds of Europe (Incorporated)
Oldest Asian Faith Based Voluntary Organisation in the UK; Established 1861
Zartoshty Brothers Hall, Zoroastrian Centre, 440 Alexandra Avenue, Harrow, HA2 9TL, UK
Religious and Cultural Centre of the Parsi & Irani Zoroastrian Community
Tel: +44 20 8866 0765  Mob: +44 78 2570 5810
Email:  Website:

Dear Pam,
What a beautiful event! Well done to you and your team.
I think you should get the Peace Mala Anthem ’One Light’ recorded and published. Then get it on classic FM Radio. They raise money for charity each year!
Mo Green

Dear Pam,
That was absolutely amazing! To pull all that together was so, so brilliant! I was very emotional throughout the whole ceremony. Thank you so much for inviting us to be part of it and to share with this wonderful celebration for world peace.
Val and John Higgon
On behalf of the Dru International Training Centre and World Peace Flame

Hi Pam
It was really great!  Thank you so much for the privilege of being there. We all enjoyed it. Well done, you must be exhausted now – but you can congratulate yourself for a job well done.
Blessed are the peacemakers.
Marilyn Priday
Community House Newport Presbyterian Church of Wales

I am still overwhelmed by this profound experience organised by Peace Mala. God bless you Pam. The work which you do is truly inspired from the Divine.
Lee x
Michael Lee Walton

What a fantastic day we have had at the Peace Mala International Inter-Faith Liturgy for world Peace. Well done to all those involved! It was truly magnificent!
Our Peace Councillors did a fantastic job presenting the story and messages of the Peace Mala with Worth Valley Primary, from Yorkshire, and St Joseph’s Catholic Primary school, from Swansea. They represented our school superbly and we are very proud of them all!
Sam Whitehouse
Peace Mala Co-ordinator
Newall Green Primary School Manchester

Well done Pam Evans.
Fab event! You are such an inspirational human being. You made us all so proud of you today. Well done sister.
Uzo Iwobi OBE
CEO Race Council Cymru

Dear Pam
It was such a pleasure to be in attendance.
Kind Regards
Dr Erinma Bell MBE DL
Deputy Lieutenant for Greater Manchester
Recognised as One of the 250 Most Influential People in Greater Manchester
Recognised as One of the 100 Influential Women in Greater Manchester
Recognised as one of the Top 100 Nigerians in the UK
Ambassador for Moss Side
International Rotary Peace Fellow

Pam it was better than fab!!!
Head of External Relations
National Library of Wales Aberystwyth Ceredigion SY23 3BU

Pam it was really brilliant.
You are a star! I loved the whole thing – very motivating, inspiring, beautiful and peaceful. The Peace Mala schools who took part in the liturgy were amazing.
Congratulations to you and the team, but especially to you for your drive and inspiration and vision!
Love from Anna
Anna Lubelska
Founder of the Peaceful Schools Movement

I feel very blessed to have been part of such an amazing event for Peace Mala at Llandaff Cathedral.
I’m so very proud of our pupils. They were fabulous!
Well done Pam!  Our seven hour journey home to Yorkshire was worth it!
Mrs Rimah Aasim

Dear Pam, Congratulations!
What a marvellous thing you did at Llandaff Cathedral, on top of all the great work you have been doing for so long. I was very honoured to be there and I really enjoyed it.
I will keep in touch and intend linking up with Lee Walton in London so we can share the Peace Mala Anthem ‘One Light’ with schools to sing on the International Day of Peace.
We shall continue to work together.
With love
Jane Hanson
Founder and Director of One Day One Choir

Dear Pam
Thanks for organising such a wonderful event. It was a superb interfaith service. We both found it deeply moving.
Many congratulations!
With love
Ann Dunbar and Elisabeth Edwards
Yungdrung Bon Wales

Hi Pam
Thank you very much. It was such a pleasure to be at your well organised program for interfaith in Llandaff Cathedral. Congratulations to you and your team for all your hard work.
We are looking forward to starting the Peace Mala project at our Jain centre soon.
All the best and with kind regards,
Sonal Meta

Dear Pam,
The Liturgy for world peace at Llandaff Cathedral was amazing. You must be very pleased and very proud. It’s not every day that you see a whirling dervish and hear a wonderfully inspiring address given by Sheikh Ahmad Dede in a Cathedral… and the sun came out and shone on his headdress while he was giving it!
The Peace Mala anthem sung by the youngsters was lovely as was the lighting of the candles by the representatives of the fourteen religions. The musicians at the beginning were really nice, and when the school practised its piece just before the celebration began they played a gentle accompaniment. Oh, and there was that lovely little film, and … and lots of things! It was great at the beginning and the end to see and meet so many interesting people – including your local Baha’i people, who sat near us and are very nice and very charming. A brilliant day for the Cathedral too, having such a positive and beautiful event there.
Love and best wishes,
Janet Hoult & Tony Maddox
Theosophical Society in England

Dear Pam,
What can I say more, it was a great event and I am so thankful for it. It touched my heart so deeply and I am so grateful I was able to be the part of it.
I know how much work you put into it and I am sure that all the good energy will come back to you and give you power to continue this amazing work and project which you are doing for this planet.
During this beautiful ceremony in Llandaff Cathedral I felt really clear that there was a higher power which was there and had helped you to organize it. And I feel clearly that everybody who should be there was there. So do not worry about people who did not come. Maybe even the part of them was not ready to achieve this beautiful gift of a such wonderful and special energy which was present there.
During the procession when all people from different faiths were walking together in silent I could feel how powerful and amazing it was. And to be there and to be able to see it , to feel it; it was the gift itself which was given to us through your hands my dear friend.
I hope that soon someone somewhere will find out what happened. It must be published to allow more people to know about it. They need it, they need that awareness, to be able to purify their hearts from fears.
Warm hugs from Hythe,

Dear Pam,
It was absolutely fabulous! Well done and thank you. I especially loved the Sheikh and his whirling dervish and musicians.
We loved being there! It felt as though we all came from our different scattered places to one place and, one by one and in small groups, we came together like streams of light becoming one strong river. Our little lights and flames, merging to create one radiant river of golden light, mirroring His Presence, creating pathways externally and internally.
It was a very beautiful happening. It felt as though we became One at moments, linked externally and internally. Touched by the same spirit and hope, we were held together with one pointed focus for the positive upliftment of ourselves, each other and also for the world and inner spiritual links.
Visually at least I could see the potential for transformation to become a reality: UNITY IN DIVERSITY.
“I shall revitalize all religions and cults, and bring them together like beads on one string.” Meher Baba
Jan Coutu Art
Bideford Devo

Hi Pam,
Even from here (Canada) and following the comments on Facebook, I’ve been blown away by the wonderful spirit of oneness of all who attended the Liturgy in Llandaff Cathedral. Fr. Tim’s wonderful words conjure up the mood of the day and make it live again and again.
I’m certain that the ripples of what is possible to achieve with determination and dedication will spread far and wide.
Blessings and love
Jeanette James

Dear Pam,
Thank you very much for inviting us to the Peace Mala event at Llandaff Cathedral in Cardiff on the 20 July. We were greatly honoured. It was a wonderful occasion. You were a star and you must have been delighted by the response from everyone. I imagine coordinating all the demands was exhausting but you can look back now and feel it was all worthwhile.
Your work is so important, as with Chaos Theory, the flapping of a butterfly wing in the forest can cause a tempest on the other side of the world.
This week we remember the Battle of Passchendaele, an event that should have ended war forever, but man still has a long way to go to become fully human.
Thanks again for a very memorable day and our hopes and prayers are always with you.
Ron and Karen
Ron Wallwork
International Architect and Gnostic

Dear Pam
July 20th was for me a most moving experience and one of the most treasured memories to have too.
I loved helping, showing school children and guests to their seats.
In conclusion from start to finish it was as colourful as it was moving.
I was moved to tears totally enthralled and speechless all at the same time.
Thank you for letting me be a part of your vision Pam.
Love and bright blessings
Ali Grove

Dearest Pam,
What can I say? We, Rosebuds, were honoured to be part of this amazing event. Your vision was brought together in a most beautiful service.
I stood in the Cathedral, a truly sacred space, and watched the procession of the representatives of the different faiths.
As a child I had been told that there was only one path to God. I could not believe that God would not love all children, wherever they lived in the world, or whatever their belief. I know that we are all loved.
As an Interfaith Minister I often talk to people who say they have “lost” their faith, and many say that this troubled world is caused by “other” people and their different beliefs. They know very little about these other people, or what they believe.
So, thank you, Pam and Peace Mala for bringing this understanding and knowledge to our children, the future of our beautiful planet.
There is a basic need in all of us for a Spiritual home, a place where we can be loved, have our rest, and build our strength to deal with life. A place where we are recognized and respected for who we are- not what others perceive us to be.
If we speak our Truth, whatever our belief, love shines through. We are flesh and blood. We have the same fears, hopes and dreams for a better future for our children and their children.
At the heart of us all is a sacred song:-
“Listen loudly little one, listen with your heart.
What do you hear?
Do you hear your heart beating? Do you hear its pulse?
The rhythm of your heart is an eternal song.
It sings without stopping.
Without you even thinking about it beating.
You don’t have to make it beat; you don’t have to think about it.
It is simply there – that simple beat- that simple rhythm.
And every living thing on this Earth has a natural rhythm -a heartbeat that sings that they are alive Strong and steady, deep and true
This is where Love lies – strong and steady – deep and true
The universal beat and rhythm of eternal love
Can you feel it?
Listen to love as it beats through the universe
Through every living being
Love is life – life lived simply – strong and steady – deep and true.
And know that Love is part of every living being
Beating in every heart, an eternal song
Singing without stopping
Without you even knowing about it
You don’t have to think about it
It is simply there…
Mother’s blessings,
Revd. Barbara Maya
Interfaith Minister

Dear Pam,
Well done on another good event.
I thought the Sufi moment was magical – such a lovely voice and the words were so good too.  It was particularly meaningful to me for him – a Muslim – to be singing about the Holy Spirit.  It made a bridge across the faith divide.
I loved the images on the peace dove animation and I really did like Michael Lee Walton’s Peace Mala anthem.
Fair play to the cathedral for hosting; as good a space as the Temple of Peace is, it was good to be in a place of worship this time.
I also enjoyed catching up with Ricky Perrott and Sister Anne and saying hello to all those who have shared this Peace Mala journey with you over the years – Ruth, Norma, Erin and a few of the Coedcae School staff.  Haven’t the original youth team members from the school grown?  One of them came up to me – he knew who I was, remembered me from the launch, but honestly he was so changed!
Let’s keep in touch
Revd. Kathryn Price

Dear Pam
Firstly, what an amazing event you organised at Llandaff Cathedral and I’m so glad that I could be there.
Thank you again for such a wonderfully inspiring event. It felt incredibly special being there, and it keeps coming back in my mind about how powerful the day was, and what messages people must have taken away with them to inspire them in the days ahead.
With love,
Paul Haines

Dear Pam,
Mazeltov! Another brilliant Peace Mala success – you are amazing.
With thanks and much love,
Norma Glass MBE
Orthodox Jewish Community Swansea