Visit by Bishop of St David’s to Coedcae school Peace Mala Club

Saint David’s Cathedral in Pembrokeshire West Wales

The Right Reverend Carl Cooper, Bishop of Saint David’s, is an enthusiastic supporter of the Peace Mala. In his endorsement of the Peace Mala, Bishop Carl wrote:

“I had read about your initiative in the press and would like to congratulate you and the children on all that you have achieved. Be assured of my full support and encouragement as you seek to promote peace, tolerance and reconciliation among peoples from all backgrounds and traditions. I am very happy to commend its use in our work with children and young people as a church.

With every good wish,”
+ Carl St Davids

When members of the Peace Mala Club at Coedcae School became aware of the Bishop’s support, they decided to invite him along so that he could see what they were up to. Pupils were thrilled when the Bishop replied and said that he would be delighted to come and meet them.

He spent over an hour chatting to members of the club and to leaders of the youth team. He told them he was very impressed with the good work they were doing to promote human rights by raising awareness of the Peace Mala project in Wales. He was also delighted to hear that news of the Peace Mala had even reached Jerusalem where it had gained the enthusiastic support of Bishop Riah Abu El Assal.

Dr Rowan Williams with Bishop Riah during his visit to Jerusalem

The bishop of Jerusalem is well known for his peace work in the Holy Land and was expecting a visit from the Archbishop of Canterbury who is a patron of the Peace Mala. Dr Rowan Williams keeps in regular touch with Peace Mala and had written from Lambeth Palace explaining “I am off to Jerusalem, so I’ll remind Bishop Riah of the link. Do give my greetings to the children and tell them Coedcae isn’t forgotten here.”

After Bishops Carl’s visit to the school he wrote the following letter:

“Please accept my sincere gratitude for the warm welcome I received in Coedcae School last Friday. It was a privilege to see at first hand the wonderful work you are doing and the way in which the Peace Mala is shaping people’s attitudes and behaviour for the better. Would you kindly convey my appreciation to the headteacher for his generous hospitality and to the pupils for their questions? I trust my answers were not too stodgy or longwinded.

Please be assured always of my continued care, support and prayers.

With every good wish.

Yours sincerely,”
+ Carl

The Bishop’s Coat of Arms

The flag of St David

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