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A wonderful article about our International Interfaith Liturgy for World Peace is featured in the Easter edition of Cymuned, which is published by the Diocese of Swansea and Brecon. The focus of this article is the music which will be featured during the service, which will be held at Brecon Cathedral on Monday 16th September…

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Some of you may not be aware that our fourteen symbolic doves of peace are all female. This is because the nurturing, caring and creative aspect of life on Earth is often perceived as female or feminine. Interestingly, within many faith traditions, the Holy Spirit of the Divine is perceived as female. In the Hindu tradition,…

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Peace Mala released 14 small symbolic doves made from wood painted in the Peace Mala colours and each carrying a Peace Mala bracelet (along with other items) during a ceremony that took place in our peace garden on 30th April 2015. Since then, the doves have made astonishing journeys across the world with various sponsor/guardians…

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