Carmarthenshire Police Community Challenge Award

Peace Mala receives £1,000 from Carmarthenshire Police Community Challenge Fund

Carmarthenshire Police heard about the Peace Mala after the Youth Team had given a presentation to the governors of Coedcae School in Llanelli and, two days later, to members of the public at the Botanical Gardens of Wales. One lady had been so impressed with the Youth Team’s presentation and the vision of the Peace Mala that she contacted Carmarthenshire Police to inform them of the work of the Peace Mala.

Sgt. Kevin Williams contacted Pam Evans to discuss what the Peace Mala was all about. She gave him some background information and advised him to check out the website. He soon got back to her and said that he was most impressed and would look into the possibility of funding from Carmarthenshire police. When a letter arrived explaining that Carmarthenshire Police had decided to award Peace Mala £1,000 from their Challenge Fund, everyone involved was thrilled.

Amy Rees presenting Sgt Kevin Williams with a Peace Mala
Senior members of the youth team – Morgan Aubrey and Jason Belton – with Sgt Kevin Williams

Sgt. Kevin Williams, who presented the cheque, said, “The police are very impressed with the good work being done by Peace Mala to combat racism, Islamaphobia and other forms of bullying that takes place in schools and the community at large. It makes a refreshing change to meet young people who are working hard to promote good relations in the community. Sadly, much of our time is often taken up with youngsters who are involved in things that cause harm to themselves and others. This project is brilliant and I hope more schools and youth clubs will get involved”.

Back row: Amy Herbert, Pam Evans, Nia Herbert; front row: Morgan Aubrey, Sgt Kevin Williams, Jason Belton.

The youth team members with Sgt Kevin Williams of Dyfed Powys Police

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