Mount Waverly Uniting Church Melbourne, Australia Discovers Peace Mala

We were delighted to hear from Mount Waverly Uniting Church Melbourne last month, when they asked for permission to use the image of our Dove of Peace (created by pupils from Hafod Primary School, Swansea, Wales UK) for the front page of their magazine.

It is especially reassuring to hear from a Christian Church who support the following vision on their website:

  • Walking in solidarity with our First Peoples and learning from their ancient traditions and wisdom.
  • The imperative of peace making, environmental responsibility, reconciliation and justice for all of God’s creation.
  • Working ecumenically with our neighbour churches and seeking understanding of other faiths and cultures.
  • Welcoming people of all cultures, races, spiritual beliefs and sexual orientation.

We are delighted to form a new friendship with people on the other side of the planet!

The community at Mount Waverly Uniting Church Melbourne

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