Peace Mala Flag flying above the town of Carmarthen, West Wales, UK

On Ascension Day, 26th May 2022, DOTs Peace Mala Accredited Youth Group ascended the tower of St Peter’s Church Carmarthen to fly the Peace Mala flag, with the assistance of Nigel, the Church’s Warden and Adrian the flag man 

Reverend Gaynor Jones-Higgs, Youth Leader for DOTs (the first Church in Wales Youth Group to become Peace Mala accredited), has reported that the flag is now flying across the town of Carmarthen.

621 Squadron Carmarthen Air Cadets are also a Peace Mala accredited youth group, led by Reverend Jones-Higgs.  

The Peace Mala educational project promotes understanding, respect, friendship and peace between all communities, cultures and faiths. It supports human rights, stands up all forms of bullying and prejudice. Peace Mala raises awareness of issues of global interdependence and encourages active compassion that will lead to positive changes locally and globally. The project encourages everyone to learn that diversity is to be celebrated and without fear. Bridges of peace can be built between faith communities and diverse cultures when people are prepared to listen to each other. 

Peace Mala Flag on St Peter’s Church Tower, Carmarthen

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