Landscapes of Faith Festival and Peace Mala

Norma Glass MBE and Pam Evans MBE (Founder of Peace Mala) in the Galilee Chapel of St Illtyd’s Church Llantwit Major with His Grace Tarakanatha Das of ISKCON Wales for the Landscapes of Faith Interfaith evening on Tuesday 22nd June 2021

The Landscapes of Faith Festival journeys will run every day through June 2021 across South Wales.  The singer and cultural facilitator Richard Parry will lead the journey between sites on a slow bike ramble connecting up the people, places, offers and promoting the heritage and landscape of Wales.

Our hills, valleys and coastal plains are teeming with a rich heritage of faith, yet many of the stories, heritage, sites and legends have been lost or hidden.

The Landscapes of Faith Festival is a community treasure hunt to celebrate our world faith traditions in Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Paganism and the prehistoric sites in South Wales.

Peace Mala – Wales’ world peace mission

Wales has an extraordinary peace mission to the world – Peace Mala. The South Wales based project celebrates the peace traditions within all the world’s main religious faiths, and brings people together inside those traditions to learn and live in community. It has an inspiring education programme: Peace Mala.

During Journey 1, on Friday 4th June, Richard visited the peace gardens at Peace Mala HQ in Morriston Swansea to meet members of the project from many world faith traditions here in Wales, and learn more about their amazing educational work with schools.

Journey 1: Strata Florida – Llantwit Major

Faith representatives and supporters of the Peace Mala project who were present to meet Richard were:

Norma Glass MBE – Orthodox Jewish Community of Swansea  

Sheikh Mohsen el Beltagi (Muslim chaplain for Swansea University)  

Dr Mustafa Megrahi – Islam   (Director of Atlantis Academy Cardiff)

Fr Luke Holden – Archpriest of the Russian Orthodox Church

John Higgon – Karma Kagyu Tibetan Buddhism 

Dev Aswani JP – Hinduism and Indian Community of South Wales

Celia Jones – Baha’i faith      

Pat Nash – World Community for Christian Meditation

Richard Parry arriving at the peace garden gates of Peace Mala HQ
Some of our faith representatives
Richard chatting with Dev Aswani, Father Luke Holden and John Higgon
Richard chatting with Sheikh Mohsen
Sheikh Mohsen chatting with Pam Evans MBE (Founder of Peace Mala),  Dev Aswani and Father Luke Holden
Richard and Sheikh Mohsen in the Islamic area of the garden
In the lower garden discussing the messages of peace found in all compassionate faiths
Dr Mustafa Megrahi (Director of Atlantis Academy Cardiff), Dev Aswani JP, Pam Evans MBE (Founder of Peace Mala) and Father Luke Holden Archpriest of the Russian Orthodox Church

“Thank you so much for hosting the Landscapes of Faith festival as it journeyed through Swansea and arrived in the Peace Mala Gardens last Friday in Morriston.  It was so humbling and a delight to meet so many of your project members and have the opportunity to learn so much about your work

The festival on Friday morning was made by you – and what a wonderful, beautiful occasion you made and continue to make by your coming together and your work. I was so humbled to learn of your work and your friendship, your listening and your commitment to sharing the peace traditions of your different faiths with the young people of Wales and the world.”

Richard Parry, Landscapes of Faith

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