Peace Mala International Interfaith Liturgy for World Peace Monday 16th September 2019

On Monday 16th September 2019, Brecon Cathedral in Wales welcomed an astonishing gathering of people and children to celebrate the International Day of Peace.

Peace Mala Accredited schools from across Wales, and three from Greater Manchester, joined with representatives of the fourteen spiritual paths and religions displayed on the Peace Mala bracelet. Some of our faith representatives travelled from Greater Manchester and London to be with us. Dignitaries from across South Wales and Powys also gave their support to this important ceremony for world peace.

The purpose of the ceremony was to emphasise the underlying truth that we are all members of the ONE. In her opening words, Pam Evans MBE, founder of Peace Mala, emphasised that this is what links us with the Divine purpose of our existence. Apparent differences based on colour of our skin, gender, sexuality, culture, race, religion, social class, ability or religion, are of no consequence when people wake up to the truth that we are all members of the ONE. She explained that for the Divine plan to work, we all need to respond to this truth and to treat each other with respect and love. She also reminded us not to forget compassion for the animal kingdom and environment, which is being so brutally abused for greed.

Film of highlights of the event

Those who attended the ceremony have responded with positive enthusiasm and felt inspired by what took place. The words of David Peate, the High Sheriff of Powys, Councillor John Warman, Deputy Mayor Neath Port Talbot, and Bishop Emeritus Tom Burns sum up a lot of what many people have shared with us in their feedback.

“Thank you for inviting us to the service which we both thought very moving. How good it was to see all religions sitting together in the Cathedral looking so happy and content – a great pity that the rest of the world is unable to live so harmoniously…. The service was a complete triumph and thank you for letting us be part of it.”David Peate, High Sheriff of Powys

“I was so proud to be present at the Peace Mala ceremony for world peace in Brecon Cathedral on Monday 16th September. It was so inspiring and refreshing that I enjoyed every second. Our schools and young people gave out a powerful lesson, for all of us to unite in friendship and to share in affection.

Peace Mala is laying the foundation and sowing the seeds for promoting harmony and goodwill, and respect and understanding of our different faiths. This educational project is taking up the lead in educating our young people in world citizenship, and has the spirit to succeed.

The special spirit of love and Inter-Faith should hold no barriers. With Peace Mala we can become the envoys of peace and goodwill. By understanding the diverse cultures of our world, we will all become happier. Peace Mala is inspirational, and lights the candle of hope to promote a more compassionate world.”Councillor John Warman, Deputy Mayor Neath Port Talbot

“It was a wonderful and vibrant event. Congratulations on pulling it all together. The schoolkids all won our hearts.” – Bishop Emeritus Tom Burns

Pam Evans and her team are indebted to the Dean of Brecon Cathedral and his staff for their wonderful support and open-hearted welcome. We are also indebted to The Most Reverend John D E Davies, the Archbishop of Wales, for his continued support and prayers for the success of Peace Mala. The friendship and wonderful support given by the Right Reverend Bishop Emeritus of Menevia Thomas Matthew Burns, during the eleven years of his time as Bishop of Menevia, does not go unnoticed.


The Procession of the Faiths

The Lighting of the Peace Mala Candles

Native American Hoop Dance

Singing and Music – with Steve Balsamo and Lee Michael Walton

Lighting of Votive Candles for World Peace

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