Israeli delegate visits Coedcae Peace Mala pupils

Clare Sain-ley-Berry, Pam Evans, Calev Bender and Kate Wolstenhome with some of the Coedcae students involved with Peace Mala

On Friday 5th November 2004, Calev Bender from the Israeli Embassy in London spent the morning talking to Coedcae pupils who are involved with the award winning Peace Mala project. Calev gave the students his views on the perspective of future peace for Israel and Palestine. He was joined by Clare Sain-ley Berry, Executive Officer with the Welsh Centre for International Affairs and Kate Wolstenhome, newly appointed Assistant Education Officer with the Council for Education in World Citizenship. Husam Zomlot, of the Palestinian Delegation to the UK, had also hoped to be present but was suddenly called back to London upon hearing of the worsening health of Yasser Arafat.

Calev Bender told the students that he was delighted to see how they were learning about different faiths and cultures in their Religious Studies lessons. He was particularly impressed with the vision and work of the Peace Mala and said this was very much needed. “The Peace Mala is an excellent way of bringing about greater understanding and encouraging peace in the world.”

The Peace Mala project, which was created by Pam Evans, Head of the Department of Religious Studies at Coedcae School, has become the focus of a youth movement which started at Coedcae School and is gaining recognition beyond Wales. Many celebrities and international faith leaders have endorsed the Peace Mala which has already received five prestigious awards for its promotion of human rights and international peace.

Pam commented, “I am delighted to see how young people in schools and sixth form colleges beyond Wales have become involved with the Peace Mala. This is very exciting and shows that young people are eager to find a way forward to promote tolerance and greater understanding in our troubled world. The symbols and messages on the Peace Mala have certainly captured the imagination of many young people. We are very pleased that Calev, Clare and Kate made time in their busy schedule to be with us today.”

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