Opening of Peace Mala Registered Office

August 18, 2004

Finally, the award winning Peace Mala has a registered office, a centre and a beautiful peace garden where activities and workshops can take place.

On August 18th 2004, members of all the faiths joined to celebrate the achievements of Peace Mala since its launch in the Temple of Peace in Cardiff with the Archbishop of Canterbury over two years ago.

The Venerable Robert Williams, Archdeacon of Gower and Lama Khymisar Rinpoche lighting the candle for world peace at the opening of the Peace Mala Centre

Dr Rowan Williams, who is a patron of the Peace Mala, was represented by the Venerable Robert Williams, Archdeacon of Gower. The Archdeacon described the occasion as one of the most moving experiences of his life. He, along with Lama Khymisar Rinpoche, who is also a patron of the Peace Mala, lit a candle for world peace in the presence of all the faith representatives, The Lord Mayor of the City and County of Swansea, Councillor Margaret Smith and Consort, Mr Christopher Rees. Representatives of Amnesty International, the United Nations Association Wales and Welsh Centre for International Affairs, Christian Aid, ChildLine, Faith and Light, Equality Policy Unit Race Religion and Belief Branch Welsh Assembly Government and Cyfanfyd were also present. Helen Mary Jones AM and Jill Evans MEP were unable to attend but sent their messages of support and congratulations.

Faith representatives contributed to the opening ceremony with prayers and short speeches using the wisdom of their traditions. All spoke of the need for more tolerance, respect and peace between all races and spiritual paths.

Sikh Jasvir Singh, granthi, performing at the opening ceremony
Malcolm ‘Rising Eagle’ Davies performing the hoop dance

Sikh Jasvir Singh, the granthi of Swansea Gurdwara, sang a classic and sacred song from the Guru Granth Sahib. He was expertly accompanied by tabla and harmonium. Malcolm ‘Rising Eagle’ Davies performed the wonderful hoop dance in the garden. To the delight of all present, he managed to complete the dance despite the heavens opening with a sudden deluge.

Jan Fussell of the Baha’i faith later commented, “It was so wonderful to experience such a positive in-gathering of spirituality from so many different sources: the air was pulsating with positive vibrations. How good to see what mankind can achieve when he or she casts aside all barriers and prejudices!”


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