Pupils band together in a rainbow world

Manchester Evening News – September 17, 2008
Photograph: Paul Simpson
Photograph: Paul Simpson

LET IT BEAD – Pupils at Woodheys Primary School in Sale have made Peace Mala bracelets to represent the religions of the world – more than one third of pupils come from an ethnic minority background and the school says the gesture promotes tolerance.

RAINBOW bracelets have inspired children to find out more about the world’s religions. Every pupil at Woodheys Primary in Sale, Trafford, wears the multi-coloured band under a scheme to promote tolerance of different faiths. The Peace Mala bracelets have taken off in schools around the world and have been backed by leaders such as the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

Teachers at Woodheys decided to sign-up to the scheme because more than a third of students come from ethnic minority backgrounds. Parents and friends have been encouraged to wear them and students even persuaded Cherie Blair to adopt the bracelet. Students have also set up their own peace council where they have learned about mediation techniques as a way of settling playground disputes. The school has also created a ‘peace garden’ to provide a quiet space for pupils and staff.

Head teacher Laura Daniels said children were encouraged to learn more about other faiths: “We have discovered that the routes to all faiths are in caring and respect for our environment and treating others as you would like them to treat you.”


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