Coedcae School fundraising for children of Iraq

July 21, 2003
boys and girls mixed team – Nia Herbert, Nicholas Davies, Dean Richards, Kara Barnard, Amy Herbert, Charlotte Moss

During the last week of the summer term, boys and girls from years 7, 8, 9 and 10 in Coedcae School played football in sweltering heat for one and a half hours to raise money for the children of Iraq. The whole event was organised by the pupils themselves. Two leagues were formed, one for years 7& 8, the other for years 9 & 10.

“I was particularly impressed to see girls and boys playing together in mixed teams and hearing words of praise from boys for the girl players who were really good. The football tournament has raised £72. Other fund raising has involved a Religious Studies Quiz and straight forward donations from pupils and staff. In total we have raised £460 so far. We hope to continue with other fund raising activites in the Autumn term.”, said Pam Evans.

year 9&10 winning team – Jason Belton, Jamie Evans, Nathan Follows, Mathew Lloyd and Stephen Davies
Jason Belton who organised the 5-a-side football competition, currently taking Religious Studies GCSE dove.gif – 5Kb

Some of the money raised will pay for the materials to make 100 Peace Malas we wish to send to the children of Iraq as a symbol of peace, friendship and hope for the future. The remaining money will be given to a children’s ward in an Iraqi hospital. We hope to make contact with a school in Baghdad and the children’s ward of a hospital in Basra. Fair Trade Prizes for the Quiz Competition and winning football teams were kindly supplied by the Co-op.

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