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"The voices of intolerance are all around us - the voice of
tolerance needs to be louder"

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Bonnie Tyler has established herself worldwide as one of rock and roll's most appealing artists. Her musical career spans four decades. She was born in Skewen Neath South Wales and still has a home in Mumbles near Swansea as well as in Portugal.

Bonnie has given her full support to Peace Mala ever since discovering it and sent this special message of endorsement for the website in the early days of the project:

"Religions should be based, first of all, on the main human values that are:
Respect of others
Non violence and especially love.

These values should be applied to daily life."

Gaynor Sullivan (Bonnie Tyler)

In 2005 a solid silver Bespoke Peace Mala was produced with proceeds going to support the Peace Mala International Award for Youth initiative.

Bonnie Tyler, already a supporter of Peace Mala, was guest of honour at the launch and gave her backing to the project and youth awards.

Bonnie Tyler and Pam Evans at the launch of the Bespoke Peace Mala and Awards for Youth
picture Robert Meleen - with kind permission of the editor of the South Wales Evening Post

She said: "I'm happy to be involved with this because it helps towards a better understanding of other people and faiths.

"Every religion says that we should treat people as we should like to be treated ourselves, and if we all stick to that then the world will be a better place. These awards and the bracelet represent that.

"Hopefully these awards will encourage younger people to get involved."

Bonnie Tyler holding her Bespoke Peace Mala
picture Robert Meleen - with kind permission of the editor of the South Wales Evening Post

After four successful years of International Awards for Youth, founder Pam Evans announced a new way forward on the Peace Mala journey.

On Monday Sept 14th 2009, the last ceremony for the International Awards took place at the UNA Wales Temple of Peace in Cardiff. The day was a glorious celebration of the wonderful peace work done by children and young people across the UK.

Bonnie Tyler with Pam Evans at the Peace Mala International Awards for Youth in Cardiff 2009

Pam explained that for some time she had been considering a way forward that would be less competitive and more inclusive. She hoped that her new idea would encourage more schools, youth groups and communities to join the Peace Mala global family.

Three exceptional primary schools had agreed to pilot the new initiative and all declared it an educational success.

During the 2009 Awards Ceremony these schools received the very first Peace Mala flags, indicating that they had qualified as Peace Mala Accredited Schools.

The flags were presented by international rock star legend Bonnie Tyler who had been a supporter of Peace Mala for many years.

You can watch a 'You Tube' video of Bonnie at the awards ceremony here.

Bonnie Tyler presenting a Peace Mala Flag to Headteacher Laura Daniels of Woodheys Primary School

Bonnie Tyler with Headteacher Rachael Webb and pupils of Hafod Primary School

Bonnie Tyler with Headteacher Jayne Woolcock and pupils of St Helen's Primary School

In December 2009, Bonnie Tyler was presented with the Harald Glööckler Angel Award and informed Pam that she would be donating part of her prize money to Peace Mala.

Bonnie, along with actress Nastassja Kinski, was presented with the first ever Harald Glööckler Angel Awards in Berlin as part of his annual Christmas party.

The star couturier explained that he had created the award to personally thank women for making the world nicer and more beautiful. It was his intention to present this award every year to honour women who deserve a special mention due to their humanity and involvement in social causes.

The Angel Awards came with a trophy and cash prizes of EUR 5,000.

Bonnie Tyler and Nastassja Kinski receiving their Angel Awards from Harald Glööckler

"I feel incredibly honoured to receive this wonderful award", exclaimed international rock singer Bonnie Tyler. "For me, Harald Glööckler is someone who for many years has been generously supporting the less fortunate among us and who particularly focuses on children in need. I greatly respect his involvement."

Harald Glööckler star couturier
Harald Glööckler International

Bonnie explained that she would be donating her prize money to three charities that work to help children and young people. One of these was the Welsh charity Peace Mala which is close to her heart and is based in her home town of Swansea in Wales.

Peace Mala was started by Welsh school teacher Pam Evans in response to the racial and religious bullying of certain pupils in her school. The Peace Mala youth project for world peace works with schools and youth groups across Britain and also in countries beyond the UK.

Pam Evans, founder of the charity, commented,
"A total of £1265.26 arrived in the Peace Mala bank account on 27th January 2010. The Trustees of Peace Mala and I are absolutely thrilled with this. Bonnie's continued generosity and loyal support of this important project means so much to us. Peace Mala works to educate everyone and empowers children who are bullied because of their perceived difference."

For more information on Bonnie Tyler, check out her official website:

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