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Peace Mala at Llandaff by Pippa Bartolotti Published in Insight, the Journal of The Theosophical Society in England – November/December 2017 The Peace Mala Liturgy for World Peace held in Llandaff Cathedral on 20th July 2017 was more uplifting than anyone attending could possibly have expected. The capabilities of Pam Evans, who devised the Peace…

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Changing Worlds Conference Vienna Changing Worlds Conference Vienna

with Erin Kavanagh From 19th-21st November 2015, Erin Kavanagh, our official Earth Religion Representative and a Peace Mala Ambassador, attended the University of Vienna for a conference on ‘Changing Worlds’. The international delegates were invited to engage science and technology with art, academia and activism with a dominant theme of inclusivity and global citizenship. Erin…

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The Peace Garden, Peace Mala HQ, Swansea – July 10, 2014 On Thursday 10th July 2014, Peace Mala organised “Sacred Earth Healing Day: Healing with the elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit”. It was a journey of self-discovery, inner peace and healing for both ourselves and the planet, realigning with the Elements of…

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