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22nd October 2020


As this is One World Week it seems as good time to be reminded of the work of ‘Peace Mala’. Thank you to Pam Evans for sharing this article and the link below to some thoughts on Peace Mala from Archbishop John.

The Archbishop has recently joined faith representatives, children and young people to create a new film about Peace Mala’s contribution to interfaith understanding and world peace.  His contribution has already been shared on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.   It has received many positive comments.  

Archbishop John's Peace Mala message

Archbishop John’s Peace Mala Message

The Peace Mala project was started by Pam Evans MBE, a member of the Church in Wales and Associate of the Society of the Sacred Cross (Tymawr Convent Monmouth).  Pam is also a member of St David’s Church in Morriston. 

Pam taught for 34 years in main stream education. Her last position was as Head of the Department of Religious Studies in Coedcae School, Llanelli. The school is a coeducational comprehensive school with around 1,000 pupils aged 11-16.

When 9/11 happened, the world changed forever. The terrible events of September the 11th, 2001 brought with it an aftermath of fear and confusion. The rise in Islamaphobia in the world was to be expected, as a response to the attack. What was more shocking was the rise in fundamentalism, racism and prejudice that we are still faced with today. 

Pam’s immediate concern was for the minority of Muslim and Asian pupils in her school who suffered bullying in the aftermath of 9/11. She realised that something educational needed to be done.

The vision and concept of Peace Mala was her response to the bullying. She thought of something simple but effective that would engage the minds of young people; a symbolic double rainbow bracelet, loaded with messages, that would be fun to make and wear.

double rainbow peace mala

Over the years, the project has grown to become a multi award winning educational project for peace and global citizenship.  Many schools across the UK and now also in Florida USA have achieved Peace Mala Accreditation through an effective and innovative accreditation process that encourages schools and groups to engage with seven creative and compassionate activities. 

The Peace Mala Registered office, centre and peace gardens are based in Morriston.  To find our more, explore the Peace Mala website.  There is also a public group on Facebook that supporters can join. Peace Mala is a registered British Charity.

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Peace Mala

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