Peace Mala Schools in the UK

In recent months, many people have been asking us how many schools are involved with the Peace Mala project, and where they are to be found. Please click on this link here which will take you to our map showing where all of our Peace Mala Schools in the UK can be found.

All of these schools are doing wonderful work to help contribute to a more compassionate future, and many have achieved our Accreditation Award, some of them up to Gold level.

Peace Mala Accreditation provides teachers and leaders of youth and community groups with the keys to educate and equip children and young people with necessary life skills through engaging in cross-curricular activities focusing on seven separate but related areas.

  • Community cohesion and global citizenship: using the Golden Rule, “Treat others as you would wish them to treat you”, as a focus to encourage positive relations between young people, their plural community and international cultures.
  • Needs and human rights: emphasising to young people their rights and those of others, and how these rights prevent bullying and all forms of prejudice.
  • Interdependence: stressing that how we behave in life affects everyone we meet and how an awareness of this can help create a better world.
  • Active compassion: advocating that learners will make wholesome changes locally and globally, and become positive example to their peers.
  • Celebrating diversity: creative, innovative celebrations which include the involvement of local cultural communities, such as faith and ethnic groups.
  • Environmental responsibilities and sustainable change: promoting environmental sustainability, healthy eating, and respect for all animals and wildlife.
  • Conflict resolution and peace education: engaging learners in peace focused-activities which encourage conflict resolution.

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