Want to Sponsor a Peace Mala Symbolic Dove of Peace?

Peace Mala released 14 small symbolic doves made from wood painted in the Peace Mala colours and each carrying a Peace Mala bracelet (along with other items) during a ceremony that took place in our peace garden on 30th April 2015.

Since then, the doves have made astonishing journeys across the world with various sponsor/guardians including schools and faith representatives. The purpose of the doves is:

Peace Dove-11 at Jain Temple, Ranakpur
  • To raise awareness of the work of Peace Mala with schools, youth groups and community groups wherever the doves arrive in the world. Each dove carries our message of compassion, peace, and friendship for everyone who lives on planet Earth.
  • To track the journeys of the doves and provide an exciting geography project for schools and groups.
  • To bring financial support for Peace Mala, thereby making its future work more secure.

To sponsor and travel with a Dove all you need to do is;

  1. Offer a small sponsorship donation. You can become a Friend of Peace Mala (a recurring annual/monthly donation) or make a single donation for either 3 or 6 months travel with the Dove.
  2. Remember to take photos of the Dove’s travels and let us know where you are. If you are on Facebook we have a Facebook Page you can join and post your photos and locations there.
  3. It is important that you return the Dove to Peace Mala HQ so that she can be re-sponsored and meet her new travel partner!
Locations of our 13 Doves as of January 2019

To find out more about our Dove of Peace and how to sponsor, and travel with a Dove please follow this link or contact us!


Thank you for your valued support.

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