Peace Mala featured in a Swedish Magazine

Article in Kyrkobladet nr4 2017
Original article in Kyrkobladet Magazine

Kristina Andréasson, a Priest from Sweden embarked on a trip to Wales in 2017 and wrote a short article for Kyrkobladet magazine featuring her discovery of Peace Mala. In her article, Kristina shares her discovery of the Peace Mala bracelet and shows how Peace Mala’s message continues to spread beyond Wales, to her home in Sweden. We wanted to share with you a translated quote from the article below:

“The theme for our journey was our ‘Fellow Beings’ and thanks to my meeting with you Swedes in Cardiff I was able to introduce ‘The Peace Mala Bracelet’ to our young people. It is a Peace Bracelet which was created in Wales. It originated in a school to stop racism and religious intolerance which had been increasing. The bracelet’s 14 beads symbolise 14 different religions which all carry the message of love like the ‘golden rule’, to show that we all belong together.

Even the Nobel Peace winner, Desmond Tutu has received such a bracelet. Now, we and our young people have also received the Peace Bracelet from Wales.”

The original article can be found here.

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