Pupils enjoy a peaceful trip

Worth Valley primary school pupils at Llandaff Cathedral
Bradford and District – Community News Friday July 28, 2017

Pupils were taken on a two day visit to an event in Cardiff to help promote world peace.

The group of year eight children from Worth Valley Primary School, Keighley attended the World Peace Mala event at Llandaff Cathedral. This was one year on from Worth Valley Primary becoming the first school in Yorkshire to become a Peace Mala accredited school.

Worth Valley primary school pupils at Llandaff Cathedral

The pupils met up with teachers and children from Welsh Peace Mala accredited schools, as well as a good number of accredited schools from Greater Manchester.

Faith representatives from all fourteen religions displayed on the Peace Mala bracelet, travelled great distances to take part, including London, Manchester and Coventry. Sheikh Ahmad Dede, based in Amsterdam, also arrived with his Sufi Dervishes and musicians.

Mrs Rimah Aasim, Headteacher of Worth Valley commented, “I feel very blessed to have been part of such an amazing event for Peace Mala at Llandaff Cathedral. I’m so very proud of our pupils. They were fabulous! Our seven hour journey home to Yorkshire was worth it!”

Peace Mala at Llandaff Cathedral Wales
Worth Valley pupils lighting votives for world peace at Llandaff Cathedral

Peace Mala is an organisation launched following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, that encourages friendship and peace between people of different cultures and faiths.