Peace Mala awarded the MEPEACE Peacemaker Award for Education

MEPEACE Awards 2012 – Education Peace Award to Peace Mala

MEPEACE is pleased to announce its 4th annual Peacemaker Awards – shining a light on those who inspire and help us realize peace.

Peace Mala has been chosen for this year’s education award that is ‘making a difference’!

“MEPEACE is pleased to award Peace Mala with its 2012 Peacemaker Award for Education, recognizing Peace Mala, its founder Pam Evans and all its volunteers who are working to educate the world about the Golden Rule.

“‘Treat others as you would wish them to treat you’ is the central message of the Peace Mala bracelet and is also central to fulfilling MEPEACE’s commitment to a peaceful world.

peace mala“A Peace Mala is a symbolic double rainbow bracelet that promotes friendship, respect and peace between people of all cultures, lifestyles, faiths, beliefs and none. It is a vision for the future. Wearing the Peace Mala is a promise to help create a better world. MEPEACE believes in this future.”
Eyal Raviv
Founder of MEPEACE

MEPEACE is a network for peace with thousands of peacemakers and millions of page visits on This network is designed to:

  1. Exemplify peace and realize peace online and on the ground
  2. Empower people and orgs with interaction, information and inspiration, and
  3. Enable a movement for peace with internet and networking technologies.

Online, our web platform enables individuals and organizations from more than 180 countries to overcome physical barriers, share and learn about one another. On the ground, we create community-building encounters, provide activist leadership training, and offer technology consulting to other peace organizations. The Israeli media has called MEPEACE the “Facebook of Peace” because it works like Facebook and is dedicated to peace. MEPEACE has a non-profit organization sustain this work and contributions are welcomed.

The Middle East and its inhabitants are trapped in endless cycles of violence. The people of the region are exhausted and around the world, millions more feel invested in the region. The will of the people is not being sufficiently garnered for peace. MEPEACE provides platforms for interaction, information and inspiration to harness the potential of people and organizations the region and beyond to galvanize their collective will for peace. Our goals are to create new platforms, centralize information, develop leadership in order to mobilize a critical mass of moderates for peace.

On the web platform, individuals express themselves and communicate with each other through photos, videos and text. Communication is enabled in chat rooms, and through comment walls and private messaging, and in thousands of discussions. Upon joining us one receives a page online with a personal profile, blog, comment wall and private inbox. Personal pages automatically feature the individual’s discussions, photos, videos and songs. On the ground events such as Peace Cafes and other events enable peacemakers to meet in person. We participate in international peace conferences and create our own, such as the “MEPEACE: Making Things Possible” meeting in Amman, Jordan.

MEPEACE is supporting a bottom-up effort utilizing new technologies to provide a global solution for Middle East peace. We are building a grassroots movement with cutting-edge social networking technology. We aim to offer a global solution by empowering individuals across the world. Thousands of peacemakers have profiles on – in Israeli and Palestine, as well as the US, UK, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Iran. Our web platform has been accessed in more than 18,000 cities.

Eyal Raviv
Eyal Raviv

MEPEACE was founded by Eyal Raviv who describes himself as an ‘Optimist with a commitment to realizing peace in this lifetime’.

Eyal was raised in Tel Aviv and Los Angeles. After leaving home for New York at age 16, Eyal studied at Yeshivat Hakotel, Yeshiva University, and the London School of Economics. He has traveled to more than 35 countries.

In 2004, Eyal moved to Israel and studied web design and Arabic. Eyal dedicated himself to Middle East peace. Eyal conceived a network for peacemakers and designed to bring together people who believe in peace. After a quarter million page visits online, he and other MEPEACE leaders created Peace Cafes and other events on the ground.

MEPEACE represents Middle East peace and combines ‘me’ and ‘peace’ – it starts with each of us. The Israeli media has called MEPEACE “The Facebook of Peace” because it works like Facebook with a focus on peace. Eyal leads a non-profit organization to sustain the work of MEPEACE.

Please contact Eyal Raviv directly for more info:
Eyal Raviv
US: +1-212-825-3688
Israel: +972-52-688-2828