Peace Mala and the BTC Bioethics Forum

Final Passages: Research on Near-Death and the Experience of Dying

BTC Bioethics Forum, Madison, Wisconsin 26-27th April 2012

Peace Mala supporter Dr Penny Sartori was invited to speak at the above conference in Madison, Wisconsin where she met many other well known researchers in the field of near death research.

Dr Penny was very excited to make friends with Dr Stanislav Grof, founder of Transpersonal Psychology, and his wife Dr Christina Grof:

Both Stan and Christina were particularly interested in the Peace Mala that Penny was wearing.

“It was a real honour to be a part of this very important conference and I feel really blessed to have been invited to present a paper on my work. To be able to spend quality time with Stan and Christina was a true gift.

“When I explained about the Peace Mala I was wearing Christina was very impressed so I decided to present her with the spare one I had in my bag. She was thrilled to wear it as it has such an important message.”

Dr Christina Grof