First Minister celebrates the fight for tolerance

People who promote tolerance in their communities have been recognised by the First Minister of Wales – 10th June, 2010

Pam Evans receives ‘Promoting Tolerance’ award from First Minister for Wales

“In 2009 the Welsh Assembly Government launched a new awards system which allows it and others to recognise and show appreciation for, what people from Wales achieve for themselves and for others. It also provides a means of thanking people from outside Wales who make a contribution in our country and who, through their work and effort, make a difference to the lives of Welsh citizens. It is a perfect response to the desire in Wales for an awards system which allows us to recognise and celebrate achievement and the tremendous contribution ordinary people make to our society. I believe it captures our pride in being Welsh and in Wales itself.”
Carwyn Jones AM
First Minister for Wales

The second of three ‘Recognising Achievement’ receptions has been held in Swansea, and saw a range of people commended for the contribution they make to the lives of others.

Pam Evans receiving her award from Carwyn Jones AM First Minister for Wales

Those recognised during the day included individuals who have promoted equality, tolerance and inclusion, and have tackled all kinds of issues such as harassment, racism and domestic violence.

The theme for the awards in 2010 is ‘Promoting Tolerance,’ chosen in part because it marks the 65th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz and the end of WWII.

Pam Evans, Founder of Peace Mala, was presented with the award for the work of Peace Mala in schools and youth groups throughout Wales. Peace Mala is an award winning project for peace that Pam began in 2001, in response to the racial and religious bullying of pupils in her school that came out of the 9/11 aftermath.

First Minister Carwyn Jones said:
“Today is Wales’ chance to say thank you on behalf of those who have benefited from the actions of our recipients, many of whom have shown immense courage in changing attitudes and in standing up for what decent people believe to be the right course of action.

“Wales is blessed, in its culture, its language, its heritage, its diversity, its love of sport and in so many other ways. But, above all, it is the people that make Wales a particularly blessed nation.

“Many people here today were born here, others have chosen to make their homes in Wales. But everyone who lives in Wales is, and should be, equally valued, respected and welcomed.”

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