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lee michael walton

There are many questions I ask myself with regards to living an authentic, spiritual life. These include enquiry as to how I put into action my belief that at our deepest core, we are made of love, as I believe it is love which must exist at the heart of any spiritual path, if it is to have any true value in the world.

Religion has often separated us and caused division, and unspeakable suffering- this is true. However, we know that there is another way; the vision of Peace Mala is one which addresses these aspects of living in such a way as to heal divisions, bring about a deeper understanding and to ultimately live in peace and harmony with each other.

Peace Mala has at its very core, an inspiring invitation for children and adults. Its work with Peace Mala accredited schools engenders much joy and passion from both pupils and children, along with all those who support the Peace Mala.

We can all find a way of expressing the great potential we each have to participate in the creation of a new vision by supporting Peace Mala. This is truly an organisation which invites us to play a real, practical role in creating a world where we can truly become as one, to not fear reaching out to each other, to feel deeply connected and to celebrate our diverse spiritual traditions, knowing that there are many paths to God.

I was delighted to be asked by Pam Evans to compose the Peace Mala anthem ‘One Light’. Interestingly, the lyrics came to me first (this is not the way songs usually emerge in me). It was a matter of listening to what wanted to come through. What emerged was a song which celebrates the ‘One Light’ which guides us all, and which encompasses all spiritual traditions who have their basis in love and inclusivity. It is always a delighted to hear it sung, particularly at the wonderful Peace Mala events. I was especially excited when Steve Balsamo agreed to sing the lead vocals for the song at Brecon Cathedral for the Peace Mala International World Peace event in 2019. His powerful and emotive voice is one which I have always been in awe of and I was honoured when he agreed to sing the anthem.

I feel truly blessed to have The Peace Mala in my life. I am honoured to be Peace Mala’s Director for Music for public events. I support and endorse Peace Mala wholeheartedly.

Lee rehearsing the Peace Mala anthem with pupils of Catwg Primary School Neath

Lee is a pianist, organist, vocalist and composer originally from Wales, and graduated with a degree in psychotherapy in 2009. Lee grew up inspired by the traditional choral singing in his first language of Welsh and spine-tingling organ playing at his local chapel in South Wales. This inspired Lee to become an organ scholar and perform concerts at cathedrals around the UK.

Lee’s music expresses the universal themes of spirituality, and our interconnectedness; an integration between the internal work involved in becoming a psychotherapist and working with people at this relational depth.

Lee with Pam Evans

Lee with Pam Evans Founder of Peace Mala at Buckingham Palace after Pam’s MBE Investiture with Queen Elizabeth II

Lee’s compositions are inspired by these archetypical themes. Lee has composed the Peace Mala anthem ‘One Light’ which Lee sees as a perfect example of how music can be integrated with a spiritual message and a force for good in life, encouraging and celebrating the potential which we have to engender positive change in each other’s’ lives.

To find out more about Lee, explore his website: www.leemichaelwalton.com

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