The Sisters of the Society of the Sacred Cross

Peace Mala Endorsement

Ty Mawr Convent Monmouthshire

Ty Mawr Convent is an Anglican community in the Church in Wales living under monastic vows in the beautiful Welsh border country near Monmouth in Gwent.

Sisters at the convent offer an environment of prayer and hospitality to guests, visitors, those on retreat, parishes and clergy.

The Ty Mawr Community is at the centre of the family of The Society of the Sacred Cross - people who link in with the life of the convent through prayer, work and mutual support.

Pam Evans first visited our Community at Ty Mawr Convent in Monmouthshire in 1969 when she was studying Theology at Trinity College Carmarthen University of Wales. In those days enclosure and silence was such that guests often didn't know quite what sisters were up to!

This didn't stop her making a return journey to us in 2003, re-establishing a link and introducing us to the Peace Mala. We were immediately struck by the urgent nature of the task Pam had committed herself to: encouraging and helping to build bridges of friendship and understanding between people of different backgrounds and faiths, especially amongst young people upon whose energy and vision the future of our world depends.

The launch of the Youth Awards and more recently Accreditation for Schools, Youth Groups and Community Groups is a wonderfully creative way of involving youth and the older generation in the difficult though hugely important task of setting foundation stones of peace in our society.

Our prayers are very much supporting Pam and the work of Peace Mala; and we link our life of learning to love and pray in community with its vision of a better world for all. Some of us wear a Peace Mala, but perhaps our primary way of linking with this initiative is through solidarity with the rainbow of traditions, at the level of contemplative prayer.

Mother Superior Sr Mary Jean with Sr Emma Joy
Sr Emma Joy with convent cat Miri
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