Peter Mt Shasta

Peace Mala Endorsement

The great masters of wisdom of all cultures throughout the ages have seen the presence of God in everyone and recognized the oneness of humanity. That oneness is symbolized by the thread that runs through the Peace Mala; and the various paths that lead to the realization of that inner divine presence are symbolized by the mala's various colored beads.

In the words of Saint Germain, "I" is the consciousness of God and "Am" is the way God expresses in creation--the one expressing as the many. In wearing the Peace Mala we are reminded of that oneness, the thread that unites us all as One Family.

Jesus said, not only "Love you neighbor as yourself," but also, "Love your enemies," for are not all people aspects of ourself? When we realize that, humanity will live as one”.

Peter Mt. Shasta had a small spiritual commune near Woodstock, NY in the late 60s. He studied with Ramamurti Mishra, who sent him to India. There he met Ram Dass (formerly Prof. Richard Alpert) and his guru, Neem Karoli Baba. He was also blessed to have personal contact with Anandamay Ma, Sathya Sai Baba, and various other saints who helped him awaken spiritually.

On his return to America the ascended master known as Saint Germain appeared to him in physical form. This is the one about whom Voltaire said, "He is the man who knows everything and never dies."

This master sent Peter to Mount Shasta in Northern California to study with Pearl Dorris, former assistant to Godfre Ray King, founder of the Saint Germain Foundation and the I AM Activity. While receiving instruction on the application of the I AM in daily life, Peter was blessed to have contact with various other ascended masters long known by Theosophists. The central thread of Theosophy is the statement, "There is no religion higher than truth," and it is that truth that unites us all.

Peter now lives in Mount Shasta and is the author of Adventures of a Western Mystic, Book I & II, and many other books on self-mastery through meditation and the use of I AM affirmations. He can be contacted through his website.

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