The Most Reverend Angie McLachlan

Peace Mala Endorsement

Archbishop of the Province of Great Britain and Ireland

Bishop Commissary for Europe and Israel

Liberal Catholic Church International

There are many organisations that matter in the world today, but for me Peace Mala is especially important as it brings people together from all religious and spiritual pathways and creates opportunities for positive dialogue, friendship and understanding.

There is such sadness in division, particularly the divide between people of different religious views or practices. Pam Evans, through the Peace Mala Project, has made educational inroads and built bridges over the divisions, this work, particularly through education of school age children, will have a lasting effect. Peace Mala has changed attitudes, opened hearts – this change in attitude, in turn, leads to a possibility, in future, of a changed world, as these young people grow and thrive into leadership.

Peace Mala therefore epitomises everything that I could ever hope for in the furthering of understanding and links between people. Each of us, as people of faith or belief, strive to see a different glimmer in the Light emanating from the Divine Essence that is there for us all to discover and enjoy. There is, in energetic and spiritual terms, more that unite us than divides us – a key to why Peace Mala works!

I am proud to endorse Peace Mala and the great gift of unity and compassion that the project brings.

Archbishop Angie McLachlan CODTW, MA; BA Hons

Born in Africa and brought up in the UK, Angie started her spiritual quest through Buddhism, a journey inspired by martial arts training whilst at Bedales School. She was called into ministry at the age of 17, but was unsure where to fulfil the obligation. Ministry training began while serving as a lay leader in the '90s within The Metropolitan Community Church. However, Angie, with her diversity of beliefs, completed seminary study within another denomination, one that openly encouraged members to study the many and varied pathways of Human Spirituality and quest for the Divine; within the assurance and bedrock of the Sacraments within the Liberal Catholic Liturgy, first published in 1919.

Angie was Ordained into the Liberal Catholic Church International and was, in time, selected to serve as Bishop of the Province of Great Britain and Ireland. She holds a BA Hons in Death Loss and Palliative Care and an MA in Religion, alongside Diplomas in Embalming, NLP, Foot Healthcare Practice and Theosophy. She is also a Reiki 3 and advanced Ho'oponopono practitioner.

Retired from work as an embalmer within the funeral service, Angie is a Cultural Interpreter, specialising in death which has been the focus of her life work for almost 30 years. She now teaches trainee funeral providers and Soul Midwives/Death Companions how to care for those who are at end of life and who have died. She invented a training aide Ichabod Smith, a 'death dummy' to assist her in this ministry and always manages to place a focus on LGBTQI folk somewhere in her training sessions… having 'Come Out' 35 years ago and identifying as Gender Queer, she says that '…it seems rude to her not to be able to educate, support and celebrate our glorious diversity at all stages of life!'

The study of mysticism, world religions, meditation, prayer and contemplation fill Angie’s days, aside that is from supporting folk in various corners of the world and spending time with her wife Catherine.

Recently Angie has been accepted as a full member of Companions of Dorothy the Worker, a religious organisation with a calling to support LGBTQI and marginalised folk.

This final photograph shows Archbishop Angie with her sculpture "This is the Word", made of Bible pages.

The rainbow barbed wire crown indicates those who have been persecuted in the name of Christianity and especially the LGBTQI community.

Upon receipt of a copy of the Peace Mala Prayer Book Angie commented: "Quite the most magnificent prayer book I have seen".

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