Rev Fujo Malaika (Malaika)

Peace Mala Endorsement

Interfaith Minister and Peace Ambassador

Rev Fujo Malaika (Malaika)

Peace Mala is dear to my heart for its message teaches that we deserve to be treated with respect and vice versa in line with the golden rule.

Good blessings to you all,

My name is Malaika and I am an Interfaith Minister and Peace Ambassador. My work is focussed around creating and delivering peace and forgiveness workshops that celebrate and promote the importance of peaceful relationship within communities while recognising individual excellence.

Along with the workshops, I lead people through personal and spiritual development courses that assist them in achieving their personal goals and desires in ways that work best for them. As a minister, I service weddings, baby naming ceremonies, various 'rites of passage' ceremonies, funerals and various other types of ceremonies. Interfaith is a platform for all faiths and none; there are many ways but one truth.

I was born and raised in Manchester, where I deliver much of my work, with my roots being African, my heritage the Caribbean and my experience being Britain. To recognise more of my African origins, I underwent a change-of-name ceremony, in 2003, giving birth to the name, 'Malaika', which means 'angel' in Swahili.

Outside of my occupation, I am a proud mother of two adult boys, who still keep me very busy and my life animated.

Community activity has always been naturally instinctive to me since I was a child and, since that time, I have worked with prisoners, ex-offenders and their families, youth clubs and community groups that challenge racism, particularly in the South Manchester areas, where I grew up and where community conflict, in Greater Manchester, was at its peak. I continue to address gang culture wherever I go and I have been blessed to have touched many people's lives and have been touched by many more.

I have also been given many accolades for my community work ranging from different leaders around the country including the late PM Gordon Brown.

Rev Fujo Malaika (Malaika)

One area of work, which is a favourite of mine, is carrying out the Peace Mala workshops, as the concept is one I hold dearly in my heart- that we are all equal and that we deserve to be treated with respect and vice versa in line with the 'golden rule'.

My vision for the future is to bring 1000 Peace Mala workshops to communities in the UK and Ireland, as well as communities abroad, particularly Africa and the Caribbean.

I am currently running a campaign to gather funds for this project, which, if you are interested, you can access at:

Peace be with you,
Love & Light
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