Rev Fujo Malaika (Malaika)

Peace Mala Endorsement

Interfaith Minister and Peace Ambassador

Greetings to you and yours. I am sending hope, trust, and blessings to you, wherever you are on the globe today.

About Peace Mala:
I was introduced to Peace Mala more than 10 years ago when I first met the founder Pam Evans MBE and, even to this day, I continue to apply the mala’s key message to my everyday life and hold its significance as a symbol for unity very dearly in my heart.

Peace Mala teaches that we deserve to be treated with respect regardless of where we are from, aligning with the ‘Golden Rule’- that we must treat others as we expect to be treated.

I have carried over the spirit of Peace Mala into workshops for many years; for young people in schools and colleges, for adults and the elderly in a range of community settings, or anywhere that would host me!

The value of watching people of all ages come into workshops, identifying themselves as so starkly different from one another, only to find common ground through the Peace Mala teachings never grows old. It is amazing that the symbolism of one simple bracelet can achieve so much!

Through the changes in our political systems, I grow more and more aware everyday how we as human beings suffer from ideological separations that seem to grow more complex with time/ every generation. It motivates me to instil the wisdom of the ‘Golden Rule’ everywhere I go, whether that be in my working practice or my personal life.

I continue on a regular basis to send Peace Malas in the post or hand to those who shine a light or need their light shining. This act of kindness is a huge part of my ministry.

About me:
My name is Reverend Fujo Malaika (preferred Name- Malaika). My roots are African, my heritage is Caribbean, and my lived experience is British, as this is where I was born. To recognise more of my African origins, I underwent a change-of-name ceremony, in 2003, giving birth to the name, 'Malaika', which means 'angel' in Swahili.

Raised by Grandma Magic: In the absence of my birth parents, who could not take care of me, my grandmother blessed me by raising me from infancy. Her selflessness and her ability to show grace and (unconditional)love to myself and those who needed it most inspired me to do the same. Like many of her generation, my grandmother arrived in the UK from Guyana in the Windrush and remained here until she passed away in 1988. Her fierce, loving embraces and black granny magic would stay with me for a lifetime. As a child and a teenager, I was actively involved in my community in volunteering, activism, and a range of extracurricular activities.

Growing up in a white working-class neighbourhood in 1970s Manchester, as a child, an avid member of Church, Girls Brigade, tap, ballet and the local youth club, I had a mix of activities and adventure. Sadly, I was subject to racist name-calling and bullying, most days, from the local children. I would often pray, after school, to God for guidance, asking him to teach these children and their parents to be kind. This fuelled my intension and so I made a conscious decision to choose like-minded friends. My doing so led me to have a ‘rainbow of friends’ from all faiths Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Rastafarian, Christian including those of no faith.

Having diverse friendship groups, in early life, showed me the strengths and possibilities of a unity mindset and I believe that it formed the bedrock from which I would build rich and diverse community links, as an adult, and, ultimately, be guided towards interfaith ministry.

As an ordained interfaith minister, I am grateful to have a rainbow of friends from many religious and non-religious backgrounds, many of whom have been instrumental in my development into the woman, spiritual worker, ally, and friend that I am today.

My current work:
Independent Minister: ‘A People Minister’, ministering for people of all faiths and none. Creating & delivering bespoke ceremonies for baby naming rituals, rites of passage, weddings, funerals, and any other types of celebrations:

Peace Ambassador: Promoting the importance of global equality by educating and encouraging people to treat others with ‘respect’ regardless of race, colour, religion, gender, sexuality, size, age, or ability. Teaching and discussing the ‘Golden Rule’ - Treat others as you expect to be treated. Promoting friendship, respect, peace amongst people of faiths and none:

Black Lives Matter activist: Challenging, educating, and enlightening communities in respect to anti-racism, restorative justice, and white supremacy. I do this through workshops, protesting, public speeches and regular meetings and gatherings. Faith in black live matter events:

Community Peace activist: Spirituality, people, justice, community, peace, mental health, BLM/ civil rights equality and being an ally for change are at the core and root of who I am. My intention is to create community cohesion and partnership through teaching and storytelling. In challenging and inspiring others with insight that may be new to them and using my own life experience to illustrate these ideas, I hope to contribute to the cultivation of a community whose values are rooted in peace, love, cooperation, co- production, and equal rights.

Licensed Facilitator: Providing spiritual/personal development courses.

Other roles I hold in the community are:
* Spiritual counsellor * Founder of Anansi reading group * Licensed facilitator * Public speaker * Workshop organiser * Community Consultant *Project Manager * Connected Networker * Plus Size Modelling * Radio Presenter * Trustees of several charities

Accolades II Awards Received:
* 2nd runner up Unsung Hero Award CHAN
* Winner of Leadership & Empowerment Award CAHN
* Finalist - Neighbour of the Year
* OSBA Awards finalist
* Prime Minister Award - 10 Downing Street by Gordon Brown.
* Criminal Justice Awards – Finalists
* OSBA Awards finalist x 2 community/peace activist
* Criminal Justice Awards- finalist

A short film about my passion for Interfaith:

A newspaper article about my rainbow of friends:

I am a mother of two adult men, who continue to keep my life full of surprises and adventure. I like to walk and pray daily; read/ chant and write letters to connect with people all over the world. I love to dance, cook and exchange life stories. I am particularly passionate about the power of alternative therapies. But, most of all, I love to laugh- that can be at myself or just sharing giddy moments with others.

with Pam Evans MBE and fellow peace ambassadors at Woodheys Primary School in Sale in the county of Cheshire

My motto is: I am me; you are you and we are one.

You can also find me on Facebook and Instagram under the name Revy Malaika.

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