Olivia Kinsman

Peace Mala Endorsement

Pagan Priestess and Egyptologist

I first discovered Peace Mala on a stall at an interfaith fayre, as a student studying in Swansea. I was excited to see the symbols and messages of different world faiths represented together with the message of understanding and acceptance. I was then also very moved to see that my own faith group, Earth Religions, was included and accepted as equal. As a charity that promotes love, peace, and the Golden Rule, ‘Treat others as you would wish them to treat you’, Peace Mala stays true to its word by being inclusive of everyone; every individual is recognised as a part of an international human family.

This message is important in bringing people of all faiths, and none, together, and is exceptionally relevant for uniting all people regardless of culture, appearance, gender, sexuality and whatever else could be seen to divide us. I always find myself deeply moved when I see the beautiful unity that Peace Mala achieves, in schools, youth groups, adult community groups and interfaith events. We need more of this light in the world today.

For this reason, I am very proud to support Peace Mala, and wish to see it flourish and grow with each turn of the wheel of the year.

The following link is a video that I made in 2013, where I had just learnt about Peace Mala and was so excited to tell people about it!

Olivia is a Priestess of the Fellowship of Isis and Glastonbury Goddess Temple and is a perpetual student of Egyptology. She is an active member of the Pagan community, and also engages in many interfaith activities throughout the year, seeing God as present in all faiths. From early adolescence, Olivia felt a calling to become religious clergy, and at the early age of 21, in 2013, Olivia dedicated as a Priestess of the Fellowship of Isis. In 2018 she went on to complete further Priestess training in Glastonbury and (re-)dedicated as a Priestess of the Goddess.

Olivia studied Egyptology at University and in the near future plans to continue this with PhD study in Egyptology or Anthropology. Ancient Egypt fascinated Olivia from a young age to such an extent that she decided to devote her life to studying and writing about it. The religion of the ancient Egyptians inspired Olivia, who found that it resonated with her own spiritual view of the world more closely than other ‘living’ religions today.

Olivia believes that there is Divine truth in all spiritual paths, and ultimately believes in the universality of God-Goddess-the Divine, manifest in nature and all of creation. For this reason, the inclusivity of Peace Mala is close to her heart.

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