Erin Kavanagh

Peace Mala Endorsement

Gwyddon High Priestess and interdisciplinary academic

erin kavanagh
Photo by Matthew Eynon

Despite there being different beads on the mala for different religions, the way that each of these religions relates to peace has much in common. This is the key to how Peace Mala is usually understood. However, it is so much more than that. Global Citizenship is about mutual respect, and garnering respect is rarely a peaceful process - it is also dependent upon difference. The acceptance of difference is such a simple concept, yet so very difficult for society to enact. Ecological diversity is what keeps us all alive; social, sexual, racial, religious; neuro and economic diversity (amongst many others) are what make each of us unique within that lived environment. The same, single, world. Peace Mala celebrates this - whoever, wherever, whenever, we are.

This is why I give my endorsement, for "Life goes on, on various scales, each of which is real and has to be thought of in its own terms" (Mary Midgley, in Gaia - The Next Big Idea).

Erin lives in Ceredigion and has been our Earth Religion ambassador since the launch in 2002. She founded the first university Pagan Society during Imbolc 1994, at the then Saint David's University College in Lampeter (now UWTSD).

As an academic, poet and artist, her research covers many disciplines, with a primary concern on the narrative of submerged landscapes. She has appeared on radio and television as an expert on Anglo and Welsh neo/paganism through storytelling, science and ritual. She has two children, now adult, who have also been active participants in Peace Mala throughout the years.

Photo by Erin Kavanah

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