Monawar Hussain

Peace Mala Endorsement

Muslim Tutor at Eton College

Monawar Hussain - Muslim Tutor at Eton College

Monawar Hussain is the first Muslim tutor employed to care for the spiritual development of Muslim pupils at Eton College. The information given in several interviews describes a man of great faith and wisdom.

As soon as she heared of Mr Hussain's appointment, Pam Evans contacted him about the Peace Mala. She was delighted with his reply.

Dear Pam,
Your letter and the information it contained about the Peace Mala project was indeed inspiring. I believe most passionately that the only path to a peaceful world is the path of education. We must educate our young and old to understand one another, to make friends and interact with another. Tradition must and should be a source of spiritual enrichment and not a source of bigotry, intolerance and racism. Not only do I support your work with my whole heart but I pray for you, your colleagues and all who are involved in similar endeavours.

With all my good wishes and prayers,

Monawar Hussain
Muslim Tutor Eton College

In a recent e-mail, Monawar told Pam:

I am coming towards the end of my first year at Eton and can tell you that my message has very much been about embracing and cherishing diversity.

It would be good to keep in touch and I pray that your work continues from strength to strength.

Background Information

Monawar Hussain

Monawar Hussain is an Oxford graduate. He is married and the proud father of four daughters. His parents originate from Pakistan. Mr Hussain was born in Britain. His appointment as Muslim Tutor at Eton, one of Britain's leading independent boys' schools, is part of what the Head Master, Anthony Little, has described to parents as spiritual provision for boys of various faiths and part of the programme to increase understanding of Islamic culture.

Eton College is a traditionally Christian and largely Anglican school which teaches 1,290 boys aged between 13 and 18. It already has four Anglican priests, a Roman Catholic chaplain and a Jewish tutor. Eton's graduates include 18 past British prime ministers, and members of various royal families including Prince William and Prince Harry. It is the first leading independent school in Britain to appoint a Muslim tutor.

Mr Hussain will officially graduate as an Imam from the Muslim College, Ealing, in August 2005.

Britain is home to an estimated two million Muslims.

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