Father David Bennett

Peace Mala Endorsement

Priest of the Liberal Catholic Church

Father David Bennett - Priest of the Liberal Catholic Church

I am pleased to endorse whole heartedly what Peace Mala is all about. It truly is the reality of our world that in days to come our children and grandchildren will become the leaders. It is also at a young age that they learn compassion, love and tolerance for all other human beings. Our children of today are more alert and open to the wrongs, abuses and cruelty which occur daily throughout the world.

The Peace Mala project works to encourage peace, understanding, respect, increased awareness and friendship between people of all faiths and cultures. If we hope to achieve a more compassionate world, this work is vital.

Father David Bennett - Priest of the Liberal Catholic Church

Peace Mala's work with schools and youth groups is to be especially commended as it supports and guides young people when they are confronted with bullying, intolerance, injustice and prejudice of all kinds.

Peace Mala Accreditation is especially exciting as it explores so many important issues including community cohesion, conflict resolution, global citizenship, human rights, diversity, environmental responsibilities and compassion for animals.

I look forward to seeing more schools and groups gaining Peace Mala Accreditation and flying the Peace Mala flag. I pray that the project continues to grow and that the work of everyone who is involved receives God's blessing.

Father David with his wife Anne
Father David with his wife Anne

David was born at Hanwell, Middlesex in 1947. His parents moved to Penclawdd, on the Gower Peninsula in Wales when he was a young child. He attended St. Gwynours Church Llanyrnewydd and Sunday school regularly. Listening to Mr. Davies the Vicar he recalls with affection a truly great speaker and orator.

Completing full time education David enlisted into the Royal Navy in 1963, serving in the Medical Branch. Leaving the Navy he served with the MOD and later worked with many departments within the Police Service. During these years he studied and became a Methodist Local Preacher attending Churches around North Essex, Bishop's Stortford and South Cambridge.

David is an ordained priest within the apostolic tradition of The Liberal Catholic Church. He is also a member of the British Holistic Medical Association and the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic stress. He is a certified expert in traumatic stress, a psycho-traumatologist and critical incident debriefing trainer.

David is an active civilian member of the USAF Air Force Crisis Intervention Team and regularly undergoes training with members of that Mental Health wing.

"David is also on the Executive Council of the Order of St James', and is held in high regard. He is valued as a trainer and adviser, and is highly experienced. David is well respected both within the Liberal Catholic Church, in the Order of St James and in all the communities he serves and has served so willingly."
+ Fr. Ian Walton OSJ

In July 1999 David relocated to Morriston near Swansea in Wales. He is married to Anne who works with him at the Trauma Centre (UK). They have grown up children and grandchildren.

Fr David presiding in St George's Day service for RAF, Royal Navy and respective cadet bodies at St. Paul's Church Birmingham
Fr David presiding in St George's Day service for
RAF, Royal Navy and respective cadet bodies at
St. Paul's Church Birmingham

Father David's chaplaincies

  • The Nautical Club Birmingham (RN and Royal Marines)
  • The Federation of Birmingham Ex-Services Association
  • The National Service Veterans Association
  • The College of Toastmasters
  • The Coldstream Guards Association Birmingham
  • The Children of the Far East Prisoners of War Association
  • Fr David has also been requested to take services held at The National Arboretum in Staffordshire.

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