Eric McGough

Peace Mala Endorsement

National President of the Theosophical Society in England

Eric McGough the Theosophical Society in England

Eric is a lifelong student of Theosophy. His audio courses on the wisdom teachings are in demand by Theosophical Society Lodges, study groups, and individual students world wide. His ability to bring the Teachings alive, to inspire, and to explain deep concepts in plain, everyday language, makes his courses enjoyable and instructive to both the beginner and veteran alike.

This is what Eric has to say about Peace Mala:

When I first met Pam Evans I was struck by her energy and enthusiasm for racial education for the young. Her newly founded Peace Mala project was inspiring and seemed a perfect vehicle for the work of bringing our children to the realisation of the brotherhood of all humanity.

Since then, Peace Mala has grown and grown, gaining partnerships and endorsements from around the world. Peace Mala has superseded its youthful ambitions and has become an educational tool for all ages and all races.

The Theosophical Society in England, and myself as its President, supports and endorses this wonderful example of spirituality in action.

Congratulations Peace Mala. Long may your work inspire, educate, and show us the way to peace.

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