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Educational endorsements of Peace Mala

Since Woodheys Primary School in Cheshire England became one of the first Peace Mala Accredited schools in the UK, Headteacher Laura Daniels continues to draw attention to the excellent Peace Mala work taking place at her school. Pam Evans, Founder of Peace Mala, has visited the school on three occasions and always finds it a great joy to be with pupils and staff who understand and believe in the global vision of the Peace Mala project.

This is what Laura Daniels has to say about Peace Mala:

Laura Daniels - Woodheys Primary School

A chance encounter with Pam Evans brought me into the world of Peace Mala ®, a symbolic double rainbow bracelet and project for World Peace devised by Pam after the 9/11 terrorist events in the USA. The project encourages youngsters to make and wear a Peace Mala and engage in creative projects that interpret its vision.

From the moment I laid eyes on the Peace Mala bracelet, I knew that this was something very special, the missing link in education, the 'glue' that would bring together everything that we, as educators of tomorrow's Global Citizens are striving for.

At Woodheys Primary School, due to our internationally recognised environmental work, we were asked by the Development Education Project (DEP) to endorse an innovative training tool for teachers around the 'Global Dimension' curriculum. The ethical messages which are needed to fully understand Conflict Resolution, Human Rights, Social Justice, Interdependence, Diversity, Values and Perceptions are all incorporated within the Peace Mala vision for the world.

Due to our Interfaith Community Cohesion projects, e.g. our Labyrinth, the school has won the joint Junior Peace Mala International Award for Youth 2008. Following this award, I volunteered to join the team and help promote Peace Mala on an international level and with its integration into education. This has been met with the approval of Pam Evans (founder and creator of Peace Mala) and the Board of Directors of the Peace Mala charity. In September 2009 we became one of the first three schools in the country to receive Peace Mala School Accreditation.

Laura's Peace Mala work at the school soon attracted the attention of the then Director of Education, Margaret Woodhouse who decided to visit the school and find out about the project for herself. This is what she had to say:

This project is a key element in supporting the interfaith dialogue for peace ... it is well timed given the current rise in terrorism in the name of religion. All faiths focus on the importance of caring for all living things and working towards a peaceful society where all beliefs are recognised and accepted. The Peace Mala Project reflects these principles and these same principles underpin all of our work in schools in developing young citizens of tomorrow.

Since that early visit to Woodheys, Margaret Woodhouse, became Interim Corporate Director of Children and Young People's Services and held that position until August of 2010. She visited the school again and expressed her continued support for the work of Peace Mala. This was her endorsement of the project:

Children and young people's service endorsement of Peace Mala

The Chief Executive of Trafford Council has also visited the school and has this to say about Peace Mala:

Trafford council chief exec endorsement of Peace Mala letter

On 4th October 2010 the very first Peace Mala Festival of Inter-Faith and Education for Culture took place at The Monastery Gorton Manchester and was organised and directed by Laura Daniels. Terry Waite was the guest of honour and main speaker. The day proved to be a wonderful success and will be remembered by all who attended it for the rest of their lives.

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