Edwin Courtney

Peace Mala Endorsement

Clairvoyant, Channel and Spiritual Teacher

Edwin Courtney

Peace Mala, the concept and the product is for me exactly what the global community needs right now. A talisman that reminds us that bridging all our differences is the Divine, the one great source that we all have in common irrespective of how we see it or what we believe it to be.

As a spiritual teacher working with spiritual communities of all different religions I see more and more a willingness to recognize the universality of the Divine. Peace Mala is a physical representation of this as well as being a constant reminder of the way in which religions truly can co-exist side by side in harmony celebrating the mystery and magick of the Divine source.

As a solitary practitioner of Wicca, I was delighted to see Earth Religions acknowledged as part of the global communities growing minority faiths. All power to you Peace Mala and the wonders you are achieving in a very ordinary and beautifully simple way!

Edwin Courtenay is a clairvoyant, channel and spiritual teacher working with the Ascended Masters, elementals and Angelic collective. He is a practising solitary Wiccan and has written many books and released several cds.

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