Olivia Church

Peace Mala Endorsement

Author and Egyptologist

I first discovered Peace Mala on a stall at an interfaith fayre, as a student studying in Swansea. I was excited to see the symbols and messages of different world faiths represented together with the message of understanding and acceptance. I was then also very moved to see that my own faith group, Earth Religions, was included and accepted as equal. As a charity that promotes love, peace, and the Golden Rule, ‘Treat others as you would wish them to treat you’, Peace Mala stays true to its word by being inclusive of everyone; every individual is recognised as a part of an international human family.

This message is important in bringing people of all faiths, and none, together, and is exceptionally relevant for uniting all people regardless of culture, appearance, gender, sexuality and whatever else could be seen to divide us. I always find myself deeply moved when I see the beautiful unity that Peace Mala achieves, in schools, youth groups, adult community groups and interfaith events. We need more of this light in the world today.

For this reason, I am very proud to support Peace Mala, and wish to see it flourish and grow with each turn of the wheel of the year.

Olivia is a polytheist and pluralist who believes that nature is sacred and that all religions and faiths contain an element of Divine truth. She is affiliated with the Fellowship of Isis, an inclusive community for those who recognise the Divine Feminine.

Olivia has BA and MA degrees in Egyptology and is currently undergoing PhD research, looking at the modern revival of ancient Mediterranean and Egyptian goddesses in Anglo-American Goddess Spirituality.

Olivia Church BA, MA Ancient Egyptian Culture

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