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Creator of animation sequence for Peace Mala film

David Bunting

I feel privileged to have been able to support Peace Mala through the craft of animation. Their positive message of friendship, respect and peace has transformed the age old 'golden rule' into a sparkling rainbow of hope. It is as simple as it is profound and I am reminded of it every time I look at my Peace Mala.

David Bunting has been animating his whole life. Childhood cartoons made with a Super 8 camera led to animation schooling in Bournemouth, Dublin and eventually an Internship at Walt Disney Feature Animation, France. He has animated on big budget films (Disney's 'The Tigger Movie', 'Thunderbirds' title sequence) to money starved award-winning shorts such as Tandem Films' How to Cope with Death for Channel 4 television.

In creating the animation sequence for Peace Mala, David was able to bring together his professional expertise with his ability to teach animation to children of all ages.

Jennifer and Yvonne working on the animation for the Peace Mala film
Jennifer and Yvonne working on the
animation for the Peace Mala film

Under the guidance of managing director Delia McNamara at Imagine DPM, a group of young people were assigned the task of working with David to animate the sequence which features the Peace Mala dove flying over symbols of religious faith around the world.

David met the charity's founder, Pam Evans, during her visit to Hull to talk over her vision for the sequence. To draw attention to the charity's work with young people, all the backgrounds, animation and final rendering, except the dove were drawn and animated by young people.

Over 20 young people contributed to making this animated sequence, with production fittingly based in Hull at Our Lady of Lourdes and St Peter Chanel Parish Hall and in Harrogate at Wesley Chapel Methodist Church. Graphic Art and Design graduates, Sophie Truelove and Debbie Harman from Leeds Met also contributed to the traditional colour rendering.

This is what Dave Bunting wrote in the Guest Book at Peace Mala HQ the morning after the Peace Mala International Awards for Youth 2007:

Dear Pam,
Meeting you and sharing your extraordinary vision has been a blessing and a thrill! Perhaps the most inspriring thing is that Peace Mala is totally personified in you. Thank you for letting me 'fly' with you and bring your Peace Mala dove to life. I am sure it will continue to fly around the world and touch everyone it meets.

God Bless you

David's web site - http://davebunting.blogspot.com

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