Archbishop Peter Smith

Peace Mala Endorsement

Former Archbishop of Cardiff

Archbishop Peter Smith

I am happy to endorse and support Peace Mala. I think that any organisation or movement which encourages friendship, respect and tolerance amongst individuals and communities is very much to be commended. The recognition of the equal dignity of every person is something which I want to encourage and promote throughout the country and the world community.

The Most Reverend Peter Smith is a former Archbishop of Cardiff. He was born in London on 21st October 1943 and was ordained as a priest on 5th July 1972.

He was appointed Bishop of East Anglia in 1995, a position he held until his appointment by Pope John Paul II as Archbishop of Cardiff in 2001, succeeding the late Archbishop John Aloysius Ward.

He has been the Chairman of the Department of Christian Responsibility and Citizenship of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales since 1998.

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