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"The voices of intolerance are all around us - the voice of
tolerance needs to be louder"

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The Rainbow Friendship Band
Wear your peace mala with pride and know that it represents friendship, respect and peace between the faiths and all people in our world. If anyone asks you what it means, tell him or her about it.
Click on the beads for links to sites giving further information on the faiths.

your own spiritual path WHITE: This is for you and your own spiritual path.
zoroastrianism VIOLET: This is for Zoroastrianism, an ancient faith from Persia (now Iran). The Zoroastrian ideal is "Good thoughts, good words, good deeds".
Peace message: Do not do to another what is not good for yourself.
tribal & native people INDIGO: This is for tribal and native people who believe that all of creation is sacred and that all people share one heart though they are many.
Peace message: "Man did not weave the web of life - he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself." Chief Seattle
jainism BLUE: This is for Jainism, an ancient Indian religion which believes in ahimsa ( non violence to living things).
Peace Message: All living beings are equal and none should be harmed for in doing so one will harm oneself.
earth religions GREEN: This is for Earth Religions which have existed since ancient times and have suffered much persecution and misunderstanding. Earth religions respect all life forms and will harm none.
Peace message: "Harm none".
taoism YELLOW: This is for Taoism, a Chinese belief meaning "the way" or path. Taoists believe in ch'i which is the life force of the universe. The Yin Yang symbol shows how harmony is achieved by opposites complementing each other.
Peace Message: Act with compassion, moderation and humility.
hinduism ORANGE: This is for Hinduism, probably the most ancient faith in the world, which teaches that we are all part of one soul created by God.
Peace message: Do nothing to others which, if done to you, could cause you pain.
yungdrung bon RED: This is for Yungdrung Bon, the original faith of Tibet. It means Eternal Light or Enlightened Teaching. The teachings of Yungdrung Bon are based on the principle of showing indiscriminate love and compassion to all sentient beings including humankind.
Peace Message: Treat all living beings as if they were your own mother.
final knot FINAL KNOT: This is to remind each one of us that how we behave in life affects everyone we meet. Follow the path of peace and friendship to help create a better world.
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