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"The voices of intolerance are all around us - the voice of
tolerance needs to be louder"

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Peace Mala Camp at Parc Le Breos Parkmill Gower Wales, July 28-29, 2007

Due to the exceptional weather conditions, the 2007 Peace Mala Camp has been postponed. At the moment, the ground at Parc Le Broes is wet and boggy and this month's forecast continues to be unsettled. For this reason we have reached a decision to postpone the event.

We look forward to better weather next summer and plan to organise a bigger camping event that we can all look forward to. Please keep an eye on the website for updates.

Would those who have booked for this year's camp please contact the Peace Mala registered office for a refund of their money.

We apologise for the disappointment and any inconvenience caused. We look forward to seeing you all next summer.

Award Winners 2006

To view our Gallery of pictures from this event click here

Ysgol Gynradd Brynaman, Carmarthenshire (Teacher: Carey Thomas)
Pontygof Primary School, Ebbw Vale (Teacher: Michael Vaughan)

Highly Commended Entries
1st Llansamlet Brownies (Leaders: Helen Thomas and Pam King)
Ethnic Youth Support Team, Swansea (Youth Leader: Helal Uddin)
Swansea College Ty Coch Campus (Lecturer: Hazel Israel)

Awards for all Wales
The Welsh Centre for International Affairs (WCIA)
CEWC Cymru
Co-operative Group (Wales and Borders Regions)
South Wales Police (H Division, Swansea)
Lifestyle Financial Choices Limited, Tonypandy
The Bridgend New Spiritual Energy Research Group
Revd and Mrs Glynne James, Norma Glass MBE, Cheryl Sullivan, Erin Kavanagh, Ros Moule, Pam Evans, Dr Penny Sartori
Kerry Evans Contemporary Art

Peace Mala is extremely grateful to all those who have sponsored and supported the 2006 Youth Awards.

Message from the Archbishop of Canterbury to the winners of the Awards

"Dear friends,

Congratulations to everyone receiving their awards today - to Ysgol Gynradd Brynaman, to Pontygof School (my old friends from days in Newport! I still have my special mug from the school), to the Swansea Ethnic Youth Support Team, Swansea College, Tycoch and the First Llansamlet Brownies. So much in the news seems to be about how tension is mounting and how bitterness is being reinforced between people of different faiths and communities. But the truth is that at the level of local communities and ordinary people of faith, there is probably more contact, more understanding and more co-operation than ever in history.

You are part of that new history that is being made. Never mind today's headlines, it is you who are setting the standards and the hopes for the future, and that is a tremendous joy and privilege. So every blessing to you as you go on making a difference where you are. The Buddhists say, 'Make your minds bright!' and Christians say, 'Keep the faith!'. May you go forward in trustful faith with clear and compassionate minds and hearts.

With my love and prayers,
Archbishop Rowan"

rowan williams

These awards will be an annual event in which young people who are members of schools, colleges, youth clubs, faith groups or other centres of learning may enter the competition to produce a project which shares and promotes the vision of the Peace Mala. There will be two awards: one for junior level (5-11) and the second for seniors (12-18).

Any school, college or youth group can take part in the competition provided they are already using Peace Mala to educate their youngsters. The competition will challenge youngsters to produce a project that fits in with the objectives of Peace Mala. The intention of the competition is to encourage youngsters to become aware of and involved with issues of peace, justice, tolerance and friendship.

Students will be encouraged to present their project by using any or all of the following combinations: literature, art, music, dance, drama, ICT, media and photography.

Rules and guidelines for entering the Peace Mala Awards

  • The competition entry must be used in conjunction with the principles of Peace Mala.
  • Any school, college, youth club, faith group or other centre of learning currently using Peace Mala to educate is entitled to enter.
  • There will be two awards: Junior (5-11) and Senior (12-18).
  • The Award Ceremony will take place in the early autumn at the Welsh National Temple of Peace and Health, Cardiff, Wales, UK.
  • bonnie tyler and pam evans at launch of peace mala youth awards
    Bonnie Tyler and Pam Evans at the launch of the
    Bespoke Peace Mala and Awards for Youth - picture Robert Meleen
    with kind permission of the editor of the South Wales Evening Post

    UNA Wales Temple of Peace

    The Peace Mala was launched at the UNA Wales Temple of Peace in Cardiff, on Wednesday, November 27th 2002.

    This was possible thanks to the kind permission of the Welsh Centre for International Affairs.

    Once again the WCIA have been generous in their support of the Peace Mala and have granted us use of this wonderful building for the awards.

    The 2007 Awards Ceremony will take place in September. Attendance is strictly by invitation only. If you are interested in attending the Awards Ceremony, or wish to sponsor The Peace Mala Awards for Youth, please contact the Peace Mala Registered Office by email or tel: 01792 774225

    UNS Wales Temple of Peace

    Peace Mala was launched in this beautiful building on Wednesday 27th November 2002 with The Most Reverend Dr. Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, and representatives of fourteen spiritual paths.

    Doctor Who fans will be aware that this wonderful building was the setting for Doctor Who: The End of the World. The Temple of Peace became a huge reception chamber for aliens from across the galaxy to watch the end of the Earth.

    UNS Wales Temple of Peace  UNS Wales Temple of Peace 'transformed' for Doctor Who
    Temple of Peace 'transformed' for Doctor Who

    Music and dance at the Peace Mala Awards for Youth Ceremony 2006

    Music and sound by Les Paul DJ  les paul dj


    Dance by Rising Eagle

    The native hoop dance beautifully depicts the spirit of unity and harmony in our world.

    native hoop dance

    hemiola young musicians
    Music by the Hemiola Young Musicians

    Dance by Sheikh Ahmad Dede and his Haqqani-Mevlevi Dervishes with The Forever Haqqani musicians


    dervishw01.jpg  dervishw02

    "Wa Alaikum Salaam.
    My dear sister Pam,
    Wonderful what I have read about Peace Mala. I see that the spirit of Peace Mala is the spirit of God's love. And in this time we need to bring this opening of universal rainbow love to all mankind. My dear sister, we would love to be part of the ceremony to bring the blessings of the Holy opening of the spirit of whirling from our Grandsheik Muhammad Nazim and our Grandsheik Mevlana Muhammad Jalauddin Rumi. All we need is love, love, love.
    I look forward to seeing you.
    With love and Salaams,
    Sheikh Ahmad"

    The Naqshbandi Mevlevi Society will perform at the Peace Mala Awards for Youth 2006. The presence of these whirling Dervishes will add enormously to the overall atmosphere of the Awards Ceremony. The Naqshbandi Haqqani-Mevlevi Dervishes embodies the spirit of love and unity that is at the core of the Sufi movement. This is in harmony with the vision of Peace Mala. It will be an added bonus to hear their band of wonderful musicians 'Forever Haqqani', who perform beautifully to accompany the presentation.

    Their presentation will consist of a short spoken introduction, which will explain the process to those present. This will be followed by 20 minutes of whirling meditation. This is a graceful and beautiful sight, which should bring everyone present to a standstill of balance between high energy and inner calm. The hypnotic rhythms, haunting vocals and graceful, meditative whirling of the Mevlevi Dervishes, will create an incredible sense of calm, unity and tenderness.

    Much has been written and researched about the 'Sema' or The Whirling Dervish Ritual. The Naqshbandi Sufi Order followers have been given permission from the Sheikh to practice it. Sheikh Nazim said, "Grand sheikh may open it for a particular person". And The Mevlevi Order, who are known for the ritual, is the closest Sufi School to this one. Maulana (pronounced Mevlana in Turkish) Jalaludin RUMI is the Great Grandfather of Sheikh Nazim through his mother's side of the family. It is an awesome sight to behold if you are ever lucky enough to see any done properly. Devotees can whirl gracefully for hours, in total worship, in total harmony with the great whirling of creation, from the atoms around the nucleus to the huge and countless galaxies, all whirling passion and awe of the Creator . . . Mevalana RUMI would actually levitate but more to the point, attained unprecedented levels of nearness to God. His encounter with Shams of Tabriz has been called 'the greatest love story ever'. He produced a very famous book called 'The Mathnavi' an epic devotional poem. Though it is sad that the whirling Order was in a way outlawed (seen as a threat to democracy!) the Whirlers from Konya have developed their 'performance' and have taken it to many countries.

    sheikj nazim
    Sheik Maulana Muhammad Nazim
    Grand Sheikh of the Golden Chain of the Naqshbandia Tariqat

    "The religion of love transcends all other religions, for lovers, the only religion and belief is God.
    This moment this love comes to rest in me, many beings in one being.
    In one wheat-grain, a thousand sheaf stacks. Inside the needle's eye, a turning night of stars."
    "A secret turning in us makes the universe turn. Head unaware of feet, and feet unaware of head. Neither cares. They keep turning."


    nazim seal

    Message from the Founder of Peace Mala
    "It is important for young people to learn that the diversity of the human race should be celebrated and not feared. Making and wearing the Peace Mala will give youngsters an opportunity to take part in this wonderful project for world peace. It will also introduce young people to our plural community of diverse cultures and faiths. Young people can learn that communities filled with colour and difference, make life more interesting and exciting.

    We hope that the Peace Mala will stimulate interest and encourage youngsters, and adults, to find out more about the faiths and spiritual paths represented on it.

    We hope that teachers and leaders of faith communities will join in this initiative and help spread the message of love, respect and peace through places of worship, Youth clubs, schools, colleges and other centres of learning."

    Pam Evans

    Main aims of Peace Mala
  • Education for global citizenship through the promotion of understanding, respect, friendship, tolerance and peace between all communities, cultures and enlightened, compassionate faiths.
  • Peace Mala supports human rights, confronts bullying and all forms of prejudice.
  • Peace Mala raises awareness of issues of global interdependence and encourages active compassion by learners that will effect positive changes locally and globally.

    Tuesday November 8, 2005

    solid silver bespoke peace mala
    The Bespoke Peace Mala
    in solid sterling silver

    bonnie tyler with the bespoke peace mala
    picture Ken Dickinson

    The Bespoke Peace Mala and Awards for Youth were both launched by the international rock singer, Bonnie Tyler, on Tuesday 8th November at Peace Mala H.Q. in Swansea, Wales, UK. It is our intention that money generated from the sale of Bespoke Peace Malas will be put into the Peace Mala Awards for Youth.
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