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"The voices of intolerance are all around us - the voice of
tolerance needs to be louder"

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woodheys primary school

Woodheys Primary School,
Trafford Education Authority and Peace Mala

woodheys primary school
Peace Mala children in the Labyrinth Garden at Woodheys Primary School

Peace Mala came to the attention of Trafford Education Authority through involvement by Woodheys which became an accredited school in 2009. Please click here to see Trafford Council's educational endorsements of Peace Mala.

Laura Daniels, Headteacher of Woodheys School:
"Being a Peace Mala School has transformed our lives and provided amazing opportunities for our pupils, including participation in October 2010 in the Peace Mala Festival of Interfaith and Culture for Education at Gorton Monastery on the Feast of St Francis on behalf of Greater Manchester Schools."

As a result of the school's involvement with the Peace Mala project, Trafford Education Authority has invited Woodheys to be the RE HUB school for RE/Interfaith training which has included contributions towards the Greater Manchester re-design of the RE Curriculum.

trafford council

Erica Pounce, School Improvement Partner and Link Advisor for Primary Education with Trafford Council:
"We found the Peace Mala projects Woodheys are involved in to be very inspirational, leading the school to be in touch with people such as Desmond Tutu and the Nelson Mandela Chirdren's Fund. The launch of the Agreed RE Syllabus has been a wonderful community cohesion and inclusion project which will benefit all our local schools and we are delighted to be able to offer Peace Mala and all its corresponding teaching and educational resources as an option within the new syllabus at primary and secondary level."

The New RE syllabus, including units on Peace Mala, was launched on 21st March 2011.

Woodheys Primary School are currently working towards Peace Mala re-accreditation and will qualify in 2012.

Woodheys Primary School
Meadway, Sale
Cheshire, M33 4PG
England UK
Tel: 0161 973 4478

"When RE is approached with creativity, it lights up the imagination and empowers and nourishes the spiritual journey of the student. It can and should also encourage young people to do amazing things that will benefit both themselves and everyone they meet.

"I applaud the new Trafford RE Syllabus as a torch light for the rest of the UK. I am especially delighted to see that the Peace Mala project has been included inthis exciting new initiative for Religious Education."

Pam Evans
Founder of Peace Mala

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