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All surplus monies made from the sale of Peace Malas, Peace Mala Kits, Teachers Guides, CD Rom Power-Point Presentations and other Peace Mala products will be used to promote the vision of the Peace Mala in schools, youth clubs, churches, spiritual centres of all traditions and all places of learning. This page contains details of how to purchase Peace Mala items for education, personal use or gifts.

All of our Peace Mala kits and bracelets are handmade. The beads we use are High Quality Preciosa Czech glass. No other materials are used for our beads. The design of the Peace Mala bracelet is copyright, and has been in use since its conception in the aftermath of 9/11 in November 2001.

Ordering Peace Malas - Important Information

Please email us to check on availability of products and cost of postage before ordering. Postage and packing is worked out according to the size of your order.

All the Peace Mala Kits and Bracelets are made by hand in Wales by our volunteers. Consequently we would advise that, should you be looking to place a large order, you get in touch with us in plenty of time. There may be additional delays if we are involved in major projects. Please email or telephone if you have any questions.

We normally work in the office on Mondays, Tuesdays and Friday mornings. If you have an urgent query while we are out, please call the office on this number: 01792 774225.

Payment must be received before goods are posted and can be made by cheque, made payable to Peace Mala and sent to our registered office, or directly into our bank acount via BACS: Lloyds Bank Sort Code: 30-93-53 Account No: 03099595

Delivery Schedule

We aim to deliver your order as quickly as possible, but due to popular demand of Peace Malas, you may have to allow, in some cases, up to 28 days. If we cannot dispatch your goods within 48 hours of receiving your order (Monday-Friday) we will email you with delivery details.

Goods are sent using First Class Royal Mail, which usually adds another one to two days to delivery. With large orders we recommend Special Delivery which guarantees your purchase.

We look forward to hearing from you.

New Guide to The Peace Mala

peace mala guide for teachers

A Guide for Teachers and Group Leaders
Worksheets and lesson plans are presented in English and the Welsh language.
The Guide is essential for all teachers and group leaders who wish to introduce Peace Mala into their curriculum. The Guide includes Power-Point Presentation, Double Rainbow Peace Mala and explanatory booklet together with lesson plans and classroom activities for KS2, KS3 and KS4. There are a total of 31 worksheets which include detailed guidance covering many Peace Mala topics:

What is Peace Mala? • Peace Mala (power point) • Benefits of Peace Mala (power point) • Religious Studies, Interfaith and Peace Mala • Peace Mala and Community Cohesion • How to Make a Peace Mala from a Kit • Exploring the Peace Mala Logo • Peace Mala Doves of Peace • Meet our Symbolic Doves of Peace (Part Two) • Peace Mala Primary level Session Overview - exploring Peace Mala in the classroom • Peace Mala lesson - Difference • Mantras and Sacred Chants • Mindfulness for Peace Mala children and their teachers • Peace Mala and Pilgrimages • Peace Mala, Peace Gardens and Sacred Spaces • Introduction to Buddhism • Introduction to Hinduism • Halloween, All Saints, All Souls and the Mexican Day of the Dead • Peace Mala lesson 1-1 Senior Level - Origins of Peace Mala • Peace Mala lesson 2-1 Senior Level - The Golden Rule • Peace Mala lesson 5 and 6 Senior Level - Peace Mala Festival • Peace Mala lesson 8-1 Senior Level - Are all equalities equal? • Resources for Lesson 8 Senior Level - Gender Equality • Gender Equality Senior Level - How can we ensure that girls and women are treated better in the modern world? • Peace Mala Senior level lessons - Can all faiths and cultures live in harmony? • The Plural Community and Peace Mala's response to racism • Concepts of God - Senior Level • The Last Taboos - Gender Identity and Sexuality - Senior Level • Peace Mala and Earth Religions - Senior Level • Dark Skies and Rainbows – Islamic extremism and Islamophobia - Senior Level • Some responses from young people

All of the above is on USB stick and costs £16 plus postage and packing.

peace mala kit

Double Rainbow Peace Mala Kits Kits for children which come with explanatory booklet, black elastic thread, and loose high quality machine made 6mm pressed round glass beads in the individual colours of the rainbow. The kit is meant for use in the classroom or Youth Club under the supervision of the teacher or youth leader. Full instructions on how to make a Peace Mala come with the Guide for Teachers. You can watch a short film by Paul Rousselle, making a Peace Mala from a kit by clicking here.
Each Kit costs £2.70 plus postage and packing.

peace mala kit

Peace Mala Prayer and Mantra Book Using the Peace Mala to pray for World Peace. Explore the peace prayers, mantras, and noble sayings of the Peace Mala. Discover how 40 teenagers and their teachers inspired the writing of this book for the first ever Peace Mala Pilgrimage for World Peace. This prayer book is ideal for use with schools, youth groups, community groups, interfaith groups and for personal use.
The Prayer Book costs £3.00 plus postage and packing. All proceeds to the Peace Mala educational charity.
"Quite the most magnificent prayer book I have seen" - The Most Reverend Angie McLachlan, Archbishop of the Province of Great Britain and Ireland, Bishop Commissary for Europe and Istrael Liberal Catholic Church International.

Peace Mala Introductory Guide to the Six Major Faiths and HumanismThis resource has been produced in response to a request from some primary schools who have reported a lack of good knowledge in this subject area.
As the Welsh Govt. Education Directorate will be making the teaching of the six major faiths and Humanism mandatory in the New Curriculum, this new resource will prove of invaluable help to teachers.
An Introduction to the Major World Faiths and Humanism provides teachers, youth/group leaders with guide notes for lessons, discussion questions and ideas.
We have received excellent feedback from many teachers. The faith communities in Wales, in particular the Abrahamic faiths, have also reported that they are more than pleased with the work that's been put into this new resource.
The resource is available on USB stick with 161 pages in full colour with relevant and attractive illustrations, photographs and diagrams.
It costs £10 plus p&p. All proceeds to the Peace Mala Educational Charity.

Peace Malas for everyone

double rainbow peace mala

Double Rainbow Peace Mala Made from high quality machine made 8mm pressed round glass beads and complete with explanatory booklet.
£3.70 plus postage and packing

Black and White Opaque Alternative Peace Mala

Black and White Opaque Alternative Peace Mala Made from hand made 7mm Indian glass lamp beads and complete with explanatory booklet.
£3.70 plus postage and packing

Additional Peace Mala Items

peace mala t shirtspeace mala t shirts

T-ShirtsThe Peace Mala T-Shirts are 100% cotton and come in black or white and a range of sizes - small, medium, large and extra large.
The T-Shirt costs £14.00 plus postage and packing.

peace mala badges

Badges32mm badge with full colour Peace Mala logo.
The Badges cost 70p each plus postage and packing.

Books by Pam Evans MBE

All proceeds to the Peace Mala project
sharing the light by Pam Evans

Sharing the Light by Pam EvansThis book is an accompaniment to the Peace Mala Gower Pilgrimage for World Peace which took place from July 18-22, 2012. It takes the reader on a journey through Gower's sacred landscape and explains the influence of the Celtic Saints, the Knights of Saint John, holy wells and springs and Gower's Pre-Christian Sacred Sites. The story of how the pilgrimage unfolded is also explained along with how the blessed lights of the World Peace Flame, the Light of Saint Brighid and the light from the Shrine of Saint David were collected for the pilgrimage. Foreword by The Right Reverend J D E Davies, Bishop of Swansea and Brecon can be viewed by clicking here.

Sharing the Light costs £6.00 plus postage and packing.

All proceeds to the Peace Mala project

How the Wisdom of the Ages is Reflected in Many World Faiths

How the Wisdom of the Ages is Reflected in Many World Faiths This book gives a clear and concise introduction to esoteric spirituality. Based on a series of interesting and easy to understand lectures which the author has given to the Theosophical Society’s summer schools, it focuses on how the term God, beliefs about reincarnation and rebirth, and life beyond death are viewed in the major faiths and also Theosophy.

The book is especially helpful for teachers of Religious Studies and teenagers studying the subject at GCSE and A Level. It is ideal for anyone with an inquiring mind and should stimulate a lot of discussion, debate and deep thinking. The author trusts it will also encourage further research on the part of readers.

The book comes with attractive illustrations and gives a thoughtful introductory summary of each faith’s ideas and beliefs.

Cost £4.00, or £6.00 incl. p&p. in the UK

All proceeds to the Peace Mala project

Stories for Children by Pam Evans MBE

When the Dalai Lama came to tea by Pam Evans

When the Dalai Lama came to tea This is a short story for young children, introducing the Dalai Lama, Tibet, and Wales with magical, spiritual, and cultural elements. Illustrations are by Elly Morgan. It is available from Amazon here:

Lowri and the Wizard of Mean Cetti by Pam Evans

Lowri and the Wizard of Mean Cetti Lowri and her parents move from the fast pace of London city-life to the wild and lovely Gower Peninsula in South Wales.

A story for children, introducing the Gower peninsula, the Welsh language, spirituality, history, culture, and a touch of magic. It is available from Amazon here:

Tomi and the Incredible Beach Lady

Tomi and the Incredible Beach Lady A mysterious woman with supernatural powers suddenly appears to young Tomi. Who is she and why has she chosen to befriend him?

A story for young children about real-life issues, facing up to bullies and finding one’s inner courage.

Introducing Celtic languages, the Gower Peninsula, myths and legends, spirituality and the power of magic. It is available from Amazon here:

Madame Blavatsky and the Masters of Wisdom

Madame Blavatsky and the Masters of Wisdom
(Published by the Blavatsky Trust)
Review by Tim Wyatt:
"Thanks so much for this wonderful book which I read immediately. I loved its simple, easy-to-read style and how it succeeded in producing such a brief but cogent account of the key events and influences in HPB's complicated and challenging life. This is really an immense achievement - especially in condensing the outlines of the Ageless Wisdom teachings into crystal clear ideas anyone can readily understand. This work may be aimed primarily at children but it's of equal relevance to both theosophists and general readers who will benefit enormously from this wonderful distillation of ideas and penetrative insights into this remarkable woman's achievements. You should feel very proud indeed of this marvellous book which I'm sure will stand the test of time and will still be being avidly read long after you and I have whistled on to the astral plane."

Tim Wyatt is a former BBC, ITV and SKY reporter and an award- winning documentary film maker. A keen esotericist, he has been researching the Ageless Wisdom since the 1960s. He runs the School of Applied Wisdom at Leeds Lodge, is the author of more than fifty books and is founder of the esoteric publishing house Firewheel Books. Tim is a lover of the natural world and lives in the Yorkshire Pennines with his cat Electra.

Available from Peace Mala - £6.00 plus p&p - all proceeds to the Peace Mala project.
Please email us to place an order.

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